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    May Day marked the middle of spring like Groundhog's Day acknowledges the middle of winter.

    I always link the festival to England but Wiki says the festival is spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

    But the commies kind of took the May Day festivals to a new level.

    As a child I would watch the military parades in the good ole USSR celebrating its military might.

    And China liked to present their own idea of military might.

    And who could forget North Korea?

    Now in the good ole US of A, we have air shows.

    Dayton Air Show 2009.jpg

    I just recall over the last 60 years some of our younger pilots died in mishaps related to these air shows.

    Somewhat like Icarus, young pilots sometimes fly to close to each other rather than the sun.

    Trump wanted tanks and goose-stepping soldiers to appear at tomorrow's crowning of this fat, jowly, miscreant; right on Pennsylvania Avenue for chrissakes.

    http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The Pentagon denied this request but promised an air show over the crowning event.

    What bothers me is that this bozo could start ordering NAZI like exhibitions of power with tanks and goose-stepping soldiers and grand poles with strange insignias and....every goddamn July 4th.

    Now how would the Pentagon react to an order from our Commander in Chief?

    This is a small story right now.

    But this little tidbit actually scares the living shit out of me.



    A fine tune indeed, but



    President Trump scares the shit out of me!





    Hey now... Dick...

    Jingo Jingo Jingo


    Oh good Ducky, you came after me. hajahahaha

    There are now riots in the streets, by the way.

    I am too lazy to look for it, but I recall nutso's throwing rocks at Nixon in '69 .

    I think I saw some video of this mess recently on cable.

    Hey Dick ...

    Take a quick read of this...

    The line that caught my eye.

    The President is an unpopular populist. He insists on a break with the past. How many Americans actually want that?


    The article:

    A Dark Inaugural - The New Yorker | January 20th -  04:33 P.M.




    A real raconteur of the first order. hahahha

    A shit, I can't even spell it.

    Anyway, I love the New Yorker. ha

    1,460 days to (final?) Countdown! 


    All Righty then Daytime.


    Hey Q, when my son was about three he would imitate the Hulk. hahahhahah


    To this day I still make fun of him.

    He laughs but he remembers.

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