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    Meet Mooch - The Newest Weasel Polishing The Russian Turd in the White House

    It's just getting better . . .

    Donald Trump's new communications director thinks punishing Russia for interfering in the presidential election was "not the best decision."

    New White House communications director tells Russian state TV "Americans love Russia"

    Donald Trump’s newly minted communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, wants to lift sanctions that were imposed on Russia in retaliation for its election meddling.

    Scaramucci expressed this position in a pair of interactions with state-owned Russian media in January, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, while he was serving on Trump’s transition team.

    His comments echo recent actions from the Trump administration currently pushing for the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration to be eased.

    Scaramucci told TASS, the state-run Russian newswire, that Trump “has an enormous respect for the Russian people and the legacy of the relationship that the US has with Russia” and that Trump was “signaling” that he hoped to improve the relationship in the coming year.

    He said the sanctions put in place by President Barack Obama had “galvanized the nation” with Putin, and were having “an opposite effect because of Russian culture.”

    At the event, Scaramucci also slammed the sanctions to Russian state TV.

    Noting that Americans and Russians have “common goals and common values,” Scaramucci said the sanctions were “not the best decision made by the Obama administration.” He told them that “Americans love Russians” and described Russia as “a country of great achievements.”*



    And... Here's the video in Russian...

    From Russian State TV - youtu.be/EzGcy9RQVI0 - Copy and paste to your browser at your own discretion...

    *Translation for the article provided by Chris Stroop - About.




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