Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Follow the RMoney

    Pull up a chair, kiddos, Uncle Paracles has a Fable.

    Once upon a time there was a bad bad man with lots of money....

    People seem confused about the Romney selection.

    Why does he need to please the base so much?

    He has plenty of money....

    The base are still likely to vote for him - he needs the independents...

    Okay, here's the deal - the choice of Ryan means Romney's been captured by tea party/nuttism.

    And that nuttism, as seen from Kansas the last few weeks, has been brutally effective.

     While Romney didn't need money per se - he needs effective advertising, to cover his lukewarm presence. With Ryan on board, the dirty money anonymous spigot opens up - there will be no more conservative criticism of Romney.

    And the "unaffiliated" anonymous advertising will put out blistering lies in all the right places.

    Of course the effort to disenfranchise potential Democratic votes continues. 

    From the Karl Rove playbook, "hit 'em in their strengths" - I'd guess the flip-flop on RomneyCare is to make Mitt a compassionate conservative again - in some venues. Expect a concocted scandal on Obama's taxes or wealth. The issue on Bain & El Salvador hit squads will turn back into Eric Holder's involvement defending same.

    But the new Koch bunch doesn't play by Karl's book - they'll just simply lie and go for hallucinatory takes on reality.

    Of course I could be wrong - but all the Democratic happiness, that the right wing threw them in that briar patch, tee hee hee - it could be a tougher road than thought at first sight.

    It's not that Scott Brown or Scott Walker are so popular - it's that they were willing cavities for wing nut fluids, the liquid money our system's awash in.

    It was just a few months back that Newt Gingrich had to eat serious humble pie because he dissed Paul Ryan and his budget. These Gods are rather humorless, and our modern Olympus is getting rather predictable.

    Romney's colleagues at Bain say he wasn't that good at sales - his main effectiveness was in raising serious amounts of investment backing. In this case, he's moving from being Sheldon Adelson's boy to being the poster child for the amoral monied class.

    Of course, they still need to win on votes - and they're busy making sure fewer and fewer Democratic votes will count.

    So don't follow the pundits - it's easy to think this move is a mistake. But then people ignore the energy Palin gave to McCain's campaign for all her slips. With Ryan, it's just the right special sauce. Some people gleefully note Ryan's not a good campaigner - but he's more of the right's Chauncey Gardener or policy wonk-cum-oracle. In short, he doesn't have to speak truth-to-power: he just has to let power speak around him.

    So don't spike the ball on Sunday when it's Monday night football - the media spend has yet to be put in, and sadly, things are just about to get interesting. Follow the money, not wishful thinking. Sure, they might still lose the presidency - but they'll pack the Congress with enough parroters to keep their views front burner.


    For LuLu (put here to not step on A-Man's post):


    I must say, I found myself so bored after all my & the internet's poli-geeking over Ryan that I was going to send you a leisurely subject-changing link entitled "okay I hid that phrase too, click if u wants" that just happened to come up in all this Googling (seriously, came up looking for that Orwell quote) to break the stasis, but figured that would violate TermsOfUse, so don't highlight that phrase - I'm not kidding - or Google it unless you're up for un-PC, NSFW and NSFDB post even though ostensibly written by a girl with lets say a different worldview and not even in *their* NSFW section, perhaps because her other stuff on like Lindsay Lohan's a bit tamer but has a nice cadence to it. But it's up to you to Google it yourself as well. angel (God that's a cruddy looking angel, oh well)

    (shame there are no chat channels on this blog to take meta off-line)

    I guess the cruddy looking angel was pictured in the link but I am going to need at least another hint in order to find it. I'm quite curious because I expect it is worth following. Give me a bit more help, por favor.

    Uh, index finger, click the blank. Hope it was worth it. (no, the angel wasn't part of it, was my proclamation of innocence)

    Quite a frank reminisce on the daze of wine and noses.

    Yes, find myself wondering what her Condé Nasty work was like.

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