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    I live in the Houston area and I'm a lifelong Democrat,very progressive on most social issue and moderate on economic and foreign policy issues. I recognize that most social issues are economic issues too. I was a Hillary supporter in the 2008 primary campaign but enthusiastically supported and donated to Barack Obama after the dust settled.

    Like a lot of other similiarly situated people,I've been a little discouraged, frustrated and angry at Pres. Obama and our Dem majorities in Congress over the last 20 months but I'm not abandoning them or giving in to apathy. Winning Indiana and NC was hard for Pres. Obama. Being out of power for 14 years was hard for Congressional Dems. Getting important work done in the halls of Congress and on Capitol Hill is hard.

    I'm donating as much money to Dem candidates and campaign committees as I can and encouraging others to do so. I've got my yardsigns up and bumperstickers on my truck and I plan to volunteer for some GOTV phone calls next month. I'm conceding nothing and doing everything I can until the last poll closes on 11/02.


    Yeah welcome. We have moderates and liberals and progressives here.

    There is no one answer to any problem.

    I just know that the repubs have very few answers to any problems except for those of constituents whom I do not admire much these day.


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