New Hampsha Primary


    Mr. Silver two hours ago:

    the traditional Dixville Notch, NH first vote at midnight by the 5 registered residents:

    The only Republican: write-in for Michael Bloomberg!

    The 4 Democrats: 2 write-ins for Michael Bloomberg! 1 for Sanders. 1 for Buttigieg.

    "party-on, bros" video& photos of Bernie's record-sized rally in Durham:

    This is a political rally for a 78-year-old presidential candidate.

    — Adam Kelsey (@adamkelsey) February 11, 2020

    BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Drew Record Turnout at his Rally Tonight in New Hampshire with over 6,700 Proud Supporters who came out on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary, this Rally is over 3 times the size of the largest Rally of Any other Dem Candidate.

    — kyle jones (@KyleLovesBernie) February 11, 2020

    I hear Pete Buttegieg has Ukrainian roots - at least his name sounds like it could be Ukrainian - plus once ate Chinese takeout.
    Pretty sure that calls for an investigation.

    Ryan Lizza says hello?

    Iowa and NH only matter because of the so called band wagon effect. It appears that a significant number of people will change their vote to support a rising candidate or to leave a failing candidate based on these early results even though the actual number of delegates awarded is meaningless/

    Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett have dropped out tonight. Bennet was a breaking on MSNBC just now., they showed live camera waiting for him to come speak. Hear is Yang:

    ruh roh I don't like what I was just hearing from the Kornacke guy on MSNBC, he was saying it's looking like Bernie won because he got a big majority in the urban areas and Pete was stronger in the suburban and rural ones...

    say it ain't so, analysts tomorrow!...

    or maybe Amy can do something bout that in the future....

    as always, it ain't over til it's over, ask Presidents Paul Tsongas and Gary Hart

    God, we need some campaign trail nookie about now.

    this is the kind of hyperbole I don't trust, at the same time it is the way politicos talk and how they attack, and it's Olivia Nuzzi reporting it and she's pretty respected, soooo, I think it's worth a gander. At the very least,it's worth knowing that it's a meme being spread"


    I find this interesting. I think he represents an important type of voter and an influencer type as well:

    Bernie is winning and it’s fine!

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) February 12, 2020

    Establishment’s gotta lock Pete and Amy in a shipping container, like in the Shield, move forward with a single post-Biden champion rather than two people who are going to spend the whole next debate blasting each other.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) February 12, 2020

    Yglesias followed that with this retweet:

    he also wrote this:

    he later added these thoughts


    Nate Silver on the updated 538 "model"


    For those who follow such things, here's a racist breakout by skin color from the Morning Consult national poll taken day after NH:

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