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    An Open Door

    Hi there, come on in.

    It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Yeah, I know!  Kick your shoes off if you want to and grab a seat somewhere … what?  Oh, sure, I’ll take that.  Looks like there’s an open spot on the sofa, or just grab a place on the floor.  The infamous ugly blue chair is open but, as always, you might end up with a happy dog on your lap.  Too funny!  Of course I remember that!

    Hey!  Save me that purple pillow, the old worn-out one with the … that’s it.  It’s my favorite for curling up on the floor next to my favorite people while we eat, drink, laugh and just do whatever.  No, don’t worry, I’ll find my place.  Oh!  Speaking of drinks, what can I get for you?  There’s beer, but I don’t know what kind … it’s left over … who?  That’s right!  She brought some with her, so we’re good.  I’ve got Zin, naturally, and there might be a half bottle or two of something harder in the top cabinet to the right.  Rum and Vodka, maybe?  Yeah, go take a look around.  Are you kidding?  You know the drill – plastic cups for everybody!  Hmmm?  Look in the frig, it might be there.  That’s really not funny.  I’ve been busy.

    Is it my fault it’s glowing?  Stilli used to keep up with it for me, but I think she got tired of having to wear Hazmat gloves.  You know, they say penicillin is a good thing.  Isn’t that what the furry blue stuff is?  Anyway, just grab the bag of chips on top and let’s get settled.

    Somebody put some music on, will ya?  No, I mean really on.  Call me ancient but music should be played through real speakers with woofers and tweeters … is that where tweeting came from?  Who threw that?  Ha. Ha.  Ah, yeah, that’s perfect.  Everybody comfortable?  Me, too.  There’s nothing better than a knee for snuggling while we all share time with people we love.  What’d you say?  Bite me.

    It’s only a few days away.  Weird, right?  I need a refill.  It feels like there’s so much at stake but so little left to do - like everything is just hanging out there in the ether waiting to relax.  I guess it’s waiting for us to vote, but it really seems like more than that.  Almost like voting is really just the beginning  … what did you say?  Oh, I know.  You’re right – enough of that!  Huh?  Oh!  No, she’s just snoring.  I warned you about sitting in the ugly blue chair.

    Ahhh.  Another lovely night with friends, shared music, conversation and laughter.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that some things, heart-to-heart things, never change … and there’s no better reminder than a friendly open door.      



    Ahhh ... Thanks.  I will.  Brought my own ginger ale.   You've changed the layout a bit since the last time I was here.  Look's good.  I like it.   This is such a comfortable place.  Would you mind if I brought a few friends with me on Tuesday night to watch the returns?  I want to be with friends whenever the nation may go into retrograde.  Meanwhile, where did you say you keep the chips?  And do you get Turner Classic Movies?

    Well, hey!  Great to see ya!  Feel free to stop by whenever you want, and you know friends are always welcome.  Oh, and about Tuesday ... try not to worry too much (fingernails grow back).  As others have said time and again - she's got this!  What's that?  Well naturally!  Who in their right mind wouldn't vote??

    Chips are probably stale.  You-know-who never remembers to put the clip back on the bag.  TCM?  Couldn't survive being "mature" in this modern age without it.  HA!  Good to see you smile ...

    The next two days are going to be long.
    I have to work really hard tomorrow so i won't show up until Tuesday.
    I will vote in a deeply blue State and wish I could send it out like a pigeon to another one.
    Others more faithful than myself should claim the blue chair.
    I will hover around the fridge and suddenly rush out to the back yard when things get uncertain.
    But yes, let's keep it heart to heart.

    It's so nice that you dropped by!  Don't worry about keeping the visit short since a long day awaits ... next time we'll catch up, okay?  And about that blue chair and the faithful thing - funniest thing I've heard in forever!  The only requirement for claiming that spot is that you can't mind wearing some dog fur home.  It's a nice back yard, really, so if you need to suddenly rush go for it!  You might have some company!


    We shall meet a new world today (11/8).

    A new world filled with wonder instead of trepidation!

    Hiya, Dick!  Happy E-Day!  Turns out we'll be at a DFL watch party later tonight, so I'm counting on you for a rundown of all I'll miss from the talking head contingent.  Nobody does it better, so keep your eyes on the prize and get ready for Hillary!

    I'm claiming the big blue chair, and yes, I brought some doggie treats.  I have not had an alcoholic drink in almost 20 years, but I think tonight I may start back on the booze.  Screw the drug interactions ...  I also may eat all the doggie treats myself, but never mind that.  That is between me and the dog. 

    Hey?! Where is everybody?  This dog is getting very heavy.  And for cryin' out loud, don't you ever brush his teeth?   I must have fallen asleep.  Jeez, I only drank about a half of an Amstel Light before I nodded off ...Uh-oh ... I think I must have spilled the rest of the beer on the chair and the rug,  Sorry.    I must be drunk. Maybe I should go home.  If I can just figure out a way to get this dog off of me.  I can't reach my canes,  Oh well,  Maybe I'll just write a haiku while I'm waiting for the dog to move ...


    tanka haiku:

    Why is losing good?
    It's an opportunity
    to re-think your plans.

    No defeat lasts forever,
    no victory ends a quest.



    Alright, I'm going to take a nap. 


    Just getting in ... snuck through the back so I wouldn't wake you.  All you have to do is tell her to get down with a strong tone and a kiss - did I forget to tell you?  Oops!  And don't worry about spilling anything on the chair, there's a reason it's ugly.  Then again, it's also old and worn; ugly has morphed into comfy, cozy and loveable.  Ain't age grand?

    Lovely haiku, dear friend.  Gotta say that's a first here!  Most folks just chat, laugh, fuss and rant once in awhile, but have up until now never taken the time to compose!  I'm suitably impressed.

    There's a stillness in the air.  It's snaked into my heart as well, I'm terribly sad to say.  I wish I had happy thoughts to lend to an unhappy evening.  Will you mind terribly if I just say goodnight?


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