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    Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony

    HR 347: Free Speech is now a Felony

    Once signed, HR 347 will empower federal agents to arrest and bring felony criminal charges against citizens engaged in political protests anywhere in the USA.


    The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads as follows:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    At 7:03pm ET on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, our 112th Congress violated this covenant with the American people by voting 399 to 3 in favor of H.R. 347, a bill which breezed through the Senate with unanimous consent and now lacks only corporate fascist puppet President Barack Obama's signature to become law.  The three patriots who voted Nay were Paul Broun (R-GA-10), Justin Amash (R-MI-3) and Ron Paul (R-TX-14).  The traitors who voted Yea are listed here:

    Euphemistically titled the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act" and referred to by our corporate-controlled mainstream media as a "non-controversial bill", a more truthful moniker for HR 347 would be the "First Amendment Rights Eradication Act".  As Representative Amash lamented on his Facebook page:

    "Current law makes it illegal to enter or remain in an area where certain government officials (more particularly, those with Secret Service protection) will be visiting temporarily if and only if the person knows it's illegal to enter the restricted area but does so anyway.  [H.R. 347] expands current law to make it a crime to enter or remain in an area where an official is visiting even if the person does not know it's illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect it's illegal...  [And to] show you the extent to which the public is misled and misinformed about the legislation we are voting on, read one prominent media outlet's coverage of the same bill:

    The report mischaracterizes not only current law but also the changes proposed by the bill."

    The full text of H.R. 347 is available here:

    Obviously aimed at the Occupy Movement, these modifications to U.S. Code Title 18 Section 1752 will seriously diminish the right of American citizens to petition their Government for a redress of grievances by outlawing protests where key government officials or other VIP's may be nearby.  Federal law enforcement agents will be empowered to bring these charges against Americans engaged in political protests anywhere in the country, and violators will face criminal penalties that include imprisonment for up to 10 years.

    Welcome to Fourth Reich Amerika...


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    Occupy Rallies Against Powerful Right-Wing Group You've Never Heard Of

    Today, occupiers in 80 American cities will hold the movement's largest coordinated demonstration since fall: a huge protest against the American Legislative Exchange Council.
    Never heard of it? That's the point.
    "It's an extremely secretive organization," says David Osborn, an organizer with Occupy Portland's Portland Action Lab, which is spearheading the national protest (known on Twitter as #F29 and #ShutDownTheCorporations). "Our goal is to expose the destructive role that it plays in our society."

    Thanks ... Donal...

    Thanks for spreading the word on this ongoing Occupy action.


    And while they are at it, Occupy may as well begin the plan to organize a huge protest against the US Chamber of Commerce.

    The Chamber is not only a strong supporter of many of the tracts put out by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Chamber is also a major megaphone and active funding source for the ALEC.

    For a real in-depth look back to the beginnings of all this, the following blogpost by Charlie Cray at Greenpeace outlines the history over the past 40+ years. It also includes some very informative links.

    The Lewis Powell Memo - Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy
    Charlie Cray - August 23, 2011


    Forty years ago today, on August 23, 1971, Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., an attorney from Richmond, Virginia, drafted a confidential memorandum for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that describes a strategy for the corporate takeover of the dominant public institutions of American society.

    Powell and his friend Eugene Sydnor, then-chairman of the Chamber’s education committee, believed the Chamber had to transform itself from a passive business group into a powerful political force capable of taking on what Powell described as a major ongoing “attack on the American free enterprise system.”

    Continues at:

    There is also this information provided at that Greenpeace site:

    Greenpeace has the full text of the Lewis Powell Memo available for review, as well as analyses of how Lewis Powell's suggestions have impacted the realms of politics, judicial law, communications and education.

    Thanks again for the heads-up on the Occupy actions.


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