One problem with partisanship

    Posting this because it made me think. Dagbloggers for the most part are great on sticking to the policies they favor no matter who is supporting them . But it gets at how partisan hatred, or hatred for one man or woman, does have the tendency to blind:

    And will get no credit from the left AT ALL.

    — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) December 20, 2018

    Part of what we are dealing with currently, though, is that people like certainty in their leaders that they know where they stand? And then the process of "reaching across the aisle" works a certain way, according to certain rules, which is then fine?  But we don't have that now.


    We are in a Constitutional crisis and don’t see the Republicans dealing with it. It isn’t clear that leaving Syria won’t be a clusterfuck. The reform bill is a good thing impacting 10% of those in prison in the United States. We have a Manchurian Candidate as President.

    Edi to add:

    Polifact clarifies Obama’s position

    There will be lawsuits on the Trump order

    2nd Edit to add:

    Mattis is leaving the insane asylum

    Pardon me if I’m not high on praising Trump



    Just ran across a much much lighter approach to the meme by a best-selling author of spy novels, who is also a funny guy: His pinned tweet:


    Mr. T will bring us together.

    The picture is hilarious. It does depict how Conservatives love to see themselves. Conservatives love to love subservient blacks. Mr.T bought into Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” program. Mr. T was willing to forget that her husband began his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi and talked about nonexistent welfare queens.The relationship between Nancy and T was not one of equals, it was a master-slave relationship. Mr. T proudly displays his chains.

    Reality check on Nancy’s husband. 56% of blacks polled in 1986 thought that Ronald Reagan was a racist.

    Moving on to wingnut Brad Thor. Here are comments he made about Eric Holder.

    "Mr. Holder, the one true racist in this dialogue is you," Thor remarked. "You see everything through the prism of race. You are the racist. You are using racism to cover up the inadequacy of the performance of the president of the United States, and the absolute dereliction of duty in your office. You, sir, are the racist."

    Thor said there is a "war on truth" in this country, and "it's coming from the left."

    "We have had such success in this country, as far as getting away from racism," Thor remarked. "There is no more institutionalized racism in the United States. We have a black president -- that was a historic, very proud moment for this country. And for Eric Holder and his ilk -- they want to use racism as a shield and a sword. So the people who are preventing a real dialogue about race in this country are people like Eric Holder."

    Thor said Holder's comments were "not really about racism," but rather, the "failure of leftist ideology" and "the failures of the Department of Justice, starting with Fast and Furious going all the way through the IRS scandal."

    Thor said he hopes change is coming, because the black community has been let down "time and time again by people like Barack Obama, by the Democrat Party."






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