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    One man slaps another man on live television.

    One man slaps another man on the street corner.

    What's the difference?

    Tell me, if you can.


    One man come in the name of love

    One man come and go

    One man come, he to justify

    One man to overthrow

    In the name of love

    What more in the name of love

    One man caught on a barbed wire fence

    One man he resist

    One man washed on an empty beach

    One man betrayed with a kiss

    Perhaps consider whether the name of love deserves the accolade. 



    ah but the Academy Awards aren't a street corner, nor a Waffle House at 3 am -

    New: “Mr. Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused,” reads a statement released by the Academy.

    — VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) March 30, 2022

    a more apt comparison would be an audience member doing it at an opera.

    Most important is the film celebrating the Williams Sisters'... er, father. Grrl Power! Behind every successful woman is a strong man, amirite?

    yes, you're getting there, that's a good summation of what he said in the acceptance speech, as if trying to convince himself, while crying yet. Meanwhile, maybe it's just me but I suspect the wife gave a flying fuck, especially after seeing her vague statement today.

    One big takeaway from reading too much on this: EVERYBODY respects Morgan Freeman, EVERYBODY, all colors, ethnicities and classes. And he does that without ever hitting anyone, just by having the voice of God.wink

    Did she talk about how their open marriage inspires her? Does anyone she's sleeping with get slapping rights as part of the deal?

    Nope.  The guy on the street, especially if Black, would not have had the opportunity to tearfully make a speech and then dance the night away.

    here's from one of our most renowned novelists/writers revealing what many don't know about her, she's a huge longtime fan of professional boxing:

    (I didn't see this incident live but only in videos. it must have been shocking to audiences in real time. I recall watching the [televised] Holyfield/Tyson fight when Tyson bit Holyfield's ear [twice]--incredulity, confusion over what was happening, slow-dawning realization.)

    — Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) March 31, 2022

    breaking the rules of the manly art of boxing: toxic, not cool

    breaking the traditional mystique of the Academy Awards: toxic, not cool

    Is that what he did?  He broke the rules of traditional mystique?


    Or did he intentionally slap another man?

    Answer (well-scripted and timed):

    Remember the days when you'd just say "sorry, i fucked up big time" without committing to some AA-like spiritual journey to atone and remake yourself as a "better person"?

    Yippy-kay-yay, motherfuckera - let's have some fun.

    I can't find any documentation for this video but I'm sharing it here as it seems to fit:

    da coup de grace (non-physical) on top of being banned from The Academy for a decade, because these kind of stories are virtually always planted by someone with an agenda:

    As if Hollywood wouldn't have an agenda. Vengeance is a dish...

    Good ending to the story, at least I think so:

    if you ever revisit this thread, here's the coda:

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