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    Our Esteemed Leader would happily answer Mueller's
    questions under oath.
    As long as this procedure was cleared by his attorneys?
    Anyway, here are some questions that I think Mr. Mueller should
    put to our CIC:
    What is the current date?
    Who is the current President of the United States?
    Do you know where you last put your car keys?
       (You do not have to tell me where, I just wish to know if
        you know where those keys are?)
    Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party or any other
    organization that espouses the violent overthrow of the American Government?
    When was the last time that you had sex with your best friend's wife?
    How much money have you or your corporate groups made during the last
    fiscal year?
    How many of your wives are currently citizens of the United States of
    Do you regularly view pornographic internet sites?
    If you decided to get spanked by a hooker, which magazine would
    you prefer she used as a spanker?
    Do you actually know what an economic summit is?
    How many roads must a man walk down?
    Have you ever repented for anything, ever?
    Do you like children?
    Do you like health care for children?
    Have you ever shot someone on Madison Avenue?
    Do you like to read?
    What do you read, regularly?
    I DUNNO.
    I just feel that Mueller should go for the wild wild life while he has the chance:

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