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    Tom Stuffard backs JK

    (couldn't resist)

    Cavaet emptor as regarding cable TV "news" spinmeisters:

    Nate Silver

    I am not surprised as PA is his kind of swing state.

    go to the actual ABC news poll and see it's a big boost from suburbans and women doing it:

    a reminder that there's important new research on this


    and I added a big excerpt and other salient tweets on that thread.

    From seeing this I have this bad feeling in my gut that Trump is going to present in the debate as Coronavirus-fighting Superhero. Not that he personally cares, but that is what campaign honchos prep him to message:

    Because they know that is the Biden campaign's main strategy, to focus on coronavirus like a laser beam and tie the Supreme court to that and the possible loss of Obamacare.


    p.s. Where I may have gotten the gut reaction, I see he tweeted this only two days ago:


    Increasing justices to 13 lowers influence of any 1 president, and delays their effect (my realization as I headed to read this). 13 justices would spread selection over 4-5 presidents, decreasing the dominance of any 1 philosophy or party. And reduces chance a president can hugely benefit from his/her own selection.


    This is never going to happen. The republicans won and Biden and most democrats are going to graciously accept defeat. That being said I think we need to stop pretending that the Supreme Court is an institution that deserves our respect. When there's a 5-4 decision to stop counting votes in Florida it's clearly a nakedly partisan institution. We should add justices. Let's go to 15. Let the republicans take it to 21 and we can follow with 29. I don't care if we get to 109 Supreme Court justices. Let it become such a joke that no self respecting judge would agree to be nominated. Maybe then we'll get some bipartisan co-operation to consider some of the ideas out there to reform the court. Or democrats can just keep bending over to let the republicans fuck us.

    Cinderella protest - Russian style


    Analysis of current state of U.S. by "Mexican in Washington", found retweeted by transnational reporter, Melissa Chan:

    She has a Harvard degree?! They should take away the degree if they care at all about their branding:

    Geez Kellyanne does smarter spin than that.

    Yes to question mark! I think about this all the time. Thank you for the link.

    I like this a lot but I am not sure it is true:

    This is deep: “I used to ... always end up broken down on the highway. When I stood there trying to flag someone down, nobody stopped. But when I pushed my own car, other drivers would get out and push with me. If you want help, help yourself—people like to see that.” @chrisrock

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) October 2, 2020

    I am thinking of recent life experiences of my own and then thereafter advice to family members from those experiences and found myself saying "if you want help you gotta ask for it, people won't help unless you ask"

    Edit to add: and another related thing in particular: women know the effect tears of frustration can have.

    Yeah, my brother tried to teach me, "If you want help, you gotta help yourself", but when *I* tried it the clerk at the 7-11 called the police on me, so i kinda gave it up. Guess he was better at self-help than helping others.

    I've had mostly old vehicles. I actually lived for about 15 years in them.  I traveled a lot and several times broke down on the road. My vehicles were always too large to even consider trying to push. People always stopped and helped me out. This is probably just fiction that Williams made up to make a  point about individualism.

    well, must admit that if the quote was referring to winter in a place like Wisconsin, I don't find it accurate at all. There, if any able people are around and it's not isolated, there will always be some of them willing to push without being asked. Most times you won't even have to get out of your car, if people see spinning wheels and someone rocking back and forth to try to get off a bad patch, they stop and push. Partly I suspect it's the satisfaction of doing something simple and physical that gives immediate gratification, where man vs. nature wins!

    one economist columnist that's a sucker for cute:

    It's impossible to avoid this argument for school choice because successful Dems always doing the "do as I say and not as I do" thing.

    Ex President @BarackObama, like most dems, opposes school choice. Where did the Obamas go?

    Barack: Punahoe private; Occidental/Columbia private; Harvard Law, private

    Michelle: Voluntarily bused to escape local HS; Princeton; Harvard Law

    Sasha/Melia: Sidwell Friends, private

    — Larry Elder (@larryelder) October 4, 2020

    Percentage Of Public School Teachers--With School Age Kids--Who Have Their Own Kids In Private School

    Philadelphia: 44%
    Chicago: 39%
    Baltimore: 35%
    L.A.: 25%

    (Nationwide, 11% of parents have kids in private schools, 6% of black parents.)#BLEXIT#TheAwakening

    — Larry Elder (@larryelder) October 4, 2020

    Heard it from my father, a lifelong left of center Dem, and the first in his family to go to college, his whole life. Nothing could rile him up so much as the hypocrisy about this, he clearly felt it was class warfare to keep others down to make them go to public schools, especially shitty ones. That once someone made it, there was this shut the door behind them thing, not let too many in. He sent us all to parochial.

    It's much more complex. The rich and a few willing to make great sacrifices will always put the children in private schools but there's not enough of them for all the parents that want their kids to go there. The elite and middle class are already competing for the limited spots and the poor who would like the "choice" aren't going to win if they join that competition. So school choice will benefit  very few who are not already being benefited or would be without school choice. The only real option for the vast majority would be for profit schools that are rarely better than public schools and often worse. School choice sounds good but in reality most parents would move their kid out of a public school for something as bad or worse and the lost money would leave the public school even  more starved for funds. 

    Lon Cheney alert, Dick's dad

    I figure he probably saw it  mentioned on Fox News in some context that irked him, doesn't really know what it means?


    Nobel to CRISPR gene editing

    (now God help us... ;-)


    related major trending on Twitter during the debate: IM SPEAKING has 20,00+ tweets, lotsa wimmins recognize that phrase apparently...

    AOC being rabble rouser rather than Team Playa during debate.Contra'ing Kamala. Just pointing it out

    The fly has 40K followers... @MikePenceFly___

    — Negar Mortazavi (@NegarMortazavi) October 8, 2020

    It's up to 59,700 now


    Fly polled ahead of Pence in audience response poll for likability - by a wide margin. 

    Trying to piggyback off the star of the debate:

    Joe's campaign SWAT team.

    Maybe I'm a Maze - Karma Karaoke - I wasn't going to watch, but then James is a pro... 

    hahahahaha..I have never watched Corden's show, gotta do it now, that was great!

    Encores: "Fly, Me, to the Moon"

    "Pencey's from Heaven"

    "I Want that Fly Away"

    "3 Pence Opera" (Mike the Knife)

    "Pretty Fly for a White (haired) Guy"

    Somewhere, Overton's Rainbow... 


    amazing how Lupone tempers his loonyness and makes it much more palatable.I did not know she was that catty savvy with the gay show crowd and found that and the rhyming delightful.

    p.s. loved things like the "and take Lindsey Graham with you" surprise insertion

    A bit like Martha & Snoop 

    "You'd let Melania stay?"

    Apt comparison!

    Glad at least Trump has a good sense of humor

    I watched that movie a couple times, if you have you don't forget that scene. Simply incredible talent to rewrite the script like that to fit perfectly.

    You realize there's a whole cottage industry of "Hitler's Bunker" takeoffs? I was begging Sarah Cooper to do one before her miming schtick wore out. Wouldve looked great with an Sold moustache, tho would have to cut in some extra parts. Anyway, not to be.

    BLM-Boogaloo fight breaks out 

    yeah hah I saw that and thought the same on why it interested her

    And then the real Boogaloos

    Just to make a finer point:  Boogaloos aren't the ones that are anti-BLM, though, about the only thing that unifies lthe loosely-aligned Boogaloo movement  is that they are anti-cop and anti-Feds, they hate cops. So most radical BLM activists are their natural allies.

    Here's a super example of how Jews far from expect everyone in tribe to be in lockstep, just the opposite:

    I haven't, actually, but now that he recommends it, I might take a look.

    more fans for Pete braving the Fox wilds

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