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    For the first time in five years, I am streaming The West Wing on Netflix.

    We need some reprieve from reality sometimes.

    Here is one scene from one of my favorite dramas that really caught my eye:



    Sometimes our Commander in Chief goes off the boards? so to speak.


    But in the ideal situation; the 'help' attempts to help out!

    But now we are harkened back to the 'real'. hahahahah



    Trump once celebrated the House Health Care Bill: but he changed his mind:



    Even months before we noted that the Prez is just not right in the head:



    Unlike President Bartlet, there is no help available.

    And President Bartlet only had to take mind expanding pharmaceuticals from time to time. hahahahah

    Here is how the White House Insiders attempt to help Trump find reality:


    It reminds me of an old song from my childhood:

    Yeah, well that's about all I got.

    Where are those aides who would aide a drugged President?

    Where are those aides who might suggest to their boss that he needs a nap?

    Where are those aides who give one goddamn about the good ole US of A?





    Oh, is he really nuts?


    Daily News has gathered the tweets of some of the celebrities feeding the troll act:

    Though it's almost all ridicule, I don't think that it's sunk in with all of them yet that their attention is what feeds him.

    P.S. I wonder why we haven't heard anything from Maiello lately. This should either do it, or cause him to go into despair?

    There's this theory that if the rational folks on a site ignore the trolls they will go away. I have never seen that happen. Have you? I don't think it would work. My theory is trolls are either removed or they destroy the site. Sites are either unmoderated or moderated. The quality of a site attacked by trolls is all about the quality of the moderator.

    Ocean, I think about these things.

    It just occurred to me that Limbaugh aint on Mediamatters radar right now. Once in a while of course, but not like before.Because we have a Limbaugh in the Oval Office, I guess. hahahahah

    I think that you are correct on this issue as opposed to AA.

    We need to speak up or else we shall for ever be muted?

    For now, I agree with you.


    Also, did you catch this great news thread Peracles had in August on Trump and wrestling in April?

    It linked to this Digby posting "Belief is Truth"


    I take a four day nap and......


    I cannot believe this!

    I was speaking with my son on the phone tonight. Yeah, he was alarmed. hahhahaha

    I have played this magic at least five times? in the last five years?

    Here it is.

    why not reintroduce?

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