Redistributionist nonsense about Bloomberg wealth being spread by MSNBC

    Jesus Christ, you gotta be shittin' me

    — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) March 6, 2020

    Reality check:

    (I am sensitive about this having made my own serious maths mistake with mega zero amounts only recently laugh But I am just a pseudonymous person on the internet, not a large news network.)


    the shamefully stupid video (never liked Brian Williams! now his producer, too)

    $1.47 buys a lot. 

    How does the math work? I don't see it.

    Bloomberg spent $500M

    There are 340M in the US

    Split 500M among 340M 

    500/340 gives you roughly $1.47 to each person

    Give a million to 340 million means you hand out $340 trillion 

    The math error made on the show is understandable 

    Trump and Sanders make the same type of calculations every day

    I think Bloomberg got 61 delegates

    Bloomberg spent $81,967.21 per delegate


    It's sort of like one of those visual gestalt puzzles: Look at it one way, it's a young woman; look at it the other way, and it's old woman.

    It's less a math error than a sort of visual error--ignore the zeroes and just looking at the first three digits.

    The error was in not doing the math. If they'd done math, they probably woulda gotten it right.

    As would I have. I hope! LOL.

    I'm a wee bit embarrassed, but thank you.

    You are a gentleman. Hope I have THAT right.

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