Ryan will pimp for Trump


    I've been laboring under the misconception that the rise of Donald Trump says something new about our Presidential election process and the Republican party itself. But in retrospect, the fact that Trump ran hard right in the primaries and will try to move to the center in the general election does not seem to be a structural change in the Republican party or the behavior of its registered voters. True, Trump is extreme, but the fact that he is more intense does not negate the fact that he extended trend lines well established by his forebears.

    Trump's verbalization of minority and immigrant views and taunts was on trend line---extending the inherent racism of many Republican candidates and voters. Same thoughts. Now expressed openly. That's not a structural change in the Republican party, but a fulfillment. And if anyone believes that Ryan will not pimp for Trump---well, I think we're talking career strategy in this faux standoff, not new political dynamics. Ryan will pimp lazily.Trump will lose.The Republican party principles of time in grade and hierarchy will prevail and Ryan will be the 2020 nominee, business as usual.

    Michael Wolraich has launched a Dagblog theme for Trump for this election in his recent piece, "Tit for Trump". The offshoots are endless---Fit for Trump, Grits for Trump, Sit on Trump, Grit hits Trump, Tax tips from Trump---infinite possibilities. I like "Pimps for Trump" because "pimping" well describes how close Ryan and Trump are--not how much they are at odds. More importantly, if you look at the qualities of a pimp, you can better understand the behavior of these two Republicans.

    Trump's MO for everyone around him is like a pimp keeping his girls in line. The first time you meet a pimp he tells you what he is. "I'm a tough guy.You perform for me and I'll protect you." Then he slaps you, just to see if you are game. If you walk away he doesn't give a shit. In other words, if you walk away, you're not Fit for Trump. Someone else will step up  I have found it to be true in life that people will tell you right up front who they are. If it smells bad, and you choose not to walk away, you've made a choice. Trump uses a kind of "forced choice" method to collect people and apprentices. I think we've seen this Republican behavior before. I hate to quote GWB, but "you're either for us or against us".

    As for Ryan, well, he's been pimping for the Peterson Institute since puberty.

    There's an underlying psychology to Trump's appeal to Republican voters that I find disturbing because it's a first cousin of pimping. Consciously, the slogan for the Republican base might well be, "Trump---when you need a spanking." Or, "this hurts me more than it hurts you"---Trump's going to continue "trickle down economics" (which is the quid pro quo of getting establishment campaign money)---but this time, of course, it's going to be good for working class whites. Let me know when something changes in the behavior of those folks who repeatedly vote against their own economic interests in turn for a pull on the slot machine---but, hey, it's a freedom slot. Get enough spankings and slaps in the face and you could make some real money.

    So Trump is the head pimp and Ryan will pimp for Trump---regardless of this week's news cycle which is attempting to beef up the illusion that Trump and the rest of the Republicans have somehow changed---that there's a big fight going on inside the party----did I miss something?

    Republican politicians and elites haven't changed. They will raise the money to keep Trump competitive. They will decry the big bad debt. Republican voters will turn out. We just have to hope that we can outnumber them.



    Susan Collins is a so-called moderate, She will back Trump.


    John McCain the maverick ridiculed by Trump for being captured will support Trump.


    Kelly Ayotte is engaged in a tight race for the Senate. Trump is likely a drag on her campaign, but Ayotte will back Trump.


    Donald has high disapproval ratings among black Republicans, but they remain mostly silent on the issue of Trump's racism. Some black Republican groups even endorsed Trump.


    Donald did not reject David Duke initially. He selected a white supremacist as a delegate in California, His butler is openly racist. Trump is the GOP candidate. The GOP has decided to be front and center with its racism. Racism is the party brand. It is the reason they have had a long term goal of preventing the black vote and ending Affirmative Action. The party cannot be redeemed.

    Thanks, rmrd. They're mostly falling in line.

    McCain's been slapped the hardest, and yet he shows little resistance---Trump must be loving that.

    Trump it Up...

    Trump up the Jam...


    Don't know if I'm hearing "whomp", rump or booty jump or Trump's a chump. Anyway you made my day, Peracles.

    Ryan to Trump. "Go ahead, make my day" ( he wasn't planning on running this time around anyway.)  


    Do you feel lucky, Trump? Go ahead - make my day.

    Let's hope it portends the loser Trump

    "If one more person asks me to Make America Great Again, I'm going to kick them in the taint."

    No Country for Old Men?

    Million Dollar Bernie?

    A Fistful of Dollars?

    Play Miffed for Me

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugli

    Adelson to gift Trump with $100 million dollars---well, because Trump knows how to manage money and has CEO experience, and something about Israel. This donation reflects Trump's wealth which is so huge that Adelson's money really isn't necessary.

    Now, all you sad sacks who went to Trump rallies because this time it's different, you just helped promote the oldest con in politics---the casino economy---you pay your taxes, they get the tax deductions. You lose again, suckers.

    Interestingly, Adelson doesn't like grid lock and will back off his support for Congressional candidates whom he previously funded.

    This election certainly is distancing itself from the past.

    And furthermore, the idea that Sanders could ever have competed with this kind of real money in a national election was, sadly, a pipe dream from the get go.

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