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    We're cross-posting same links again (hey lady , stay off my lawn twitter-feed!)

    This one rings true to me - I kept thinking in 2015/16 that 50-state strategy was gonna roll out soon, or at least 20 key states, but then there was feedback that the national campaign committee couldn't be bothered with any innovation at state level, and learned that the DNC was bankrupt and Hillary had to bankroll them... and then there was the bit about money going to state level & being repackaged and sent back to the presidential campaign...[though I was never sure how much of this was disinfo from disgruntled Bernie fans or GOP/Wikileaks/bots trying to stir things up - after a while, just too much noise to keep up]

    So what was our ground game? (and once again, Obama wrecked the Democratic ground game once he was safely in office - making it all about him)  Can we excite voters en masse, and then peg in particular races? or will we leave it up to the non-Democratic kool kidz to define again?

    Okay so there's fighting going on over this, but the reporting on it just left me wondering what is real and what is political B.S. Sounds like NY where the only winners turn out to be the machine:

    ‘Stop the bull’: Feud erupts between Rick Scott and Chuck Schumer over Puerto Rico

    A fight over disaster aid is getting heated.

    @, 04/16/2019 05:01 AM EDT

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