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    Sexual Psychosis {Memoir}

    Sexual Psychosis

    by Gil A. Waters {}

    When the first of my failed marriages finally came to an end, there was one thing I wanted above all else: sex.  Not passionate lovemaking infused with deep emotion, but raw fucking that leaves a really big wet spot.  I seriously entertained the idea of hiring a hooker for her services, but I was a "high-end call girl" kind of guy on a "toothless crack whore" budget, so paying for sex was out of the question.  And, as a shy alcoholic who'd been dry for less than a year, joining the inebriated herd at a singles bar was unthinkable.  So I decided to try what was then a relatively new option for desperate and socially isolated people in search of companionship: internet dating......


    Hilarious. Thanks for posting, Gil. There is a third possiblity, you know. She could have been lying to you, in which case she should win some kind of a prize for creative blowoffs. (Imagine her shock when you called her anyway.) Great story regardless. I hope that your dating life has improved.

    PS I had some small success with Obama activism, which a friend of mine referred to as Obamadate.

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