The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Roy Moore is no longer 'hot news', to say the least.

    Recently I was reminded of an older interview with this Alabama embarrassment by a recent interview with our current presidential embarrassment.

    Bill Press interviewed Moore some thirteen years ago.

    If you recall, Alabama has had much to be embarrassed about over the years.

    Besides exposing himself as being an unapologetic racist and conservative prick  and...

    Judge Roy decided, as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court that he would order some huge rock to be installed outside his courthouse with the inscribed representation of the Ten Commandments. (Well, which set of commandments do you like? The set varies in the Old Testament)

    So some communists sued Alabama for disregarding the accepted dictates of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    The U.S. Supreme Court shut old Roy down.

    Roy refused to go down.

    So the rest of the Alabama Justices, shut old Roy down.

    Anyhow, Bill Press decided to take this moron down in a long interview.




    Old Roy thought he had Bill when he pointed out that the end of the Constitution printed the words:

    Anno Domini

    The date was given just prior to the signatures of our Forefathers.

    So, according to Roy, there was indeed a reference to Jesus Christ in our Constitution.

    But as the 'debate' continued, Roy had a batch of xeroxed pages that he attempted to use as proof of his strange political views.

    I think that Press did a good job interviewing a wacko under the circumstances.

    And recall that old Roy ran again for the post of Chief Justice and won. I surmise that his dating habits as a DA never came up during that election.

    Finally old Roy lost by a nose for his bid to be the next Senator from Alabama.


    So President Spanky appears for an interview with some female from Fox; just two days ago?




    And Spanky decides that he as the 'evidence' to prove that he has done no wrong.

    And so he employs the same tactics that Roy used in that discussion with Bill Press.

    POTUS pulls out a bunch of xeroxed copies of right wing head lines to demonstrate that he has done no wrong.

    I saw this catastrophe and gasped.

    All I could think of was:


    Just by the by, Spanky just loved the Teen Universe funfests because he could sneak into the dressing rooms and espy the young girls.No wonder Roy invited this pedophile to his campaign functions? ha

    This just got to me.

    Otherwise, I got nuthin






    I have a difficult time watching Trump mainly because of his racism and also because you know that much of what you are hearing are lies. The interviewer, Harris Faulkner, could just as easily been a Russian news reader interviewing Vladimir Putin. Her interview was embarrassing. When you see Trump, you wonder what type of moron voted for the guy. We try to make excuses, but there is simply no rational explanation for Trump being President. We have to say that out loud.

    Edit to add:

    The WaPo notes that by calling Cohen “a rat”, Trump uses the language of a mob boss. The term is appropriate given Trump’s (allegedly) criminal enterprise.


    I kind of get a kick out of somebody who responds to every charge with, "NO, YOU'RE THE CRIMINAL!" But it's a little weird that this person is president.

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