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    A silly thought that just makes me laugh ...


    What if all that spending by the Koch Brothers and What's-his-name Adelson and the other Extremely Conservative billionaires, created so many advertising and media production jobs, that it was responsible for the drastic lowering of the unemployment figures in the last couple of months ...  Would that be considered, ironic?   Especially, since they got exactly the same result as if they had spent no money at all?  And if they had spent no money at all, none of those jobs would have been created and the unemployment figures would have been over 8 percent and ... well, you know the saying, "No President has ever been re-elected with the unemployment figure over 8%."

    I mean, those guys and their Super-Pacs made so many political commercials, and bought so much ad-time that local radio and TV stations had to hire extra staff in their advertising traffic departments, etc. 

    Who knows, they may have single-handedly created the job surge in August and September.  smiley  


    Okay, I know it's probably not true, but just the thought of that possibility makes me laugh.





    If you want some more good laughs take a look at all these nasty repubs crying in their beers:


    I thought about this too at several points during the campaign. You can't outsource a camera operator!

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