Someone needed to invoke Godwin's Law on this Congressional Hearing

    not to mention that Victim Olympics cards were being played to max. Mho, Nadler would only make a fair, not great, moderator on a blog:

    Here's the video of Rep. Ted Lieu playing Candace Owens' remarks on Hitler to her at a hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism.
    Via CSPAN

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 9, 2019



    Then there was Maxine and Mnuchin, communicating like oil and water:

    She's just being accurate and methodical as he tries to be smug and blow smoke up her ass.

    Yes, I was actually impressed by how cool a cucumber she was, not her usual fiery stuff. Definitely knows how to be the aggravating "by the rules" schoolmarm when she wants to. To the point of sensing a little faux cool from her, which flustered him all the more. Coming back to it, I tend to think it was in a way masterful, like something from a Dale Carnegie course on how to succeed at business or something like that.

    "How to Win People and Influence Frienda"?

    Seriously, Godwin's Law's still a thing? I thought the GOP had taken half the Nazi platform for its own, just to show they could and get away with it.

    Well all I can say is Ted Lieu gets a demerit point from me for this culture wars stunt. It was blatant and childish trolling. Immediately she knew what to do: claim racism.  There are so many better ways to slay someone like her. Where did it get him? This is not what I want in a Congress: a bunch of culture wars trolls. I like me some grownups there at minimum.

    Shorter Owens:

    ”It  was OK if Hitler limited his extermination of Jewish people to just Germany”.

    Republicans are proud of her


    Mnuchin’s behavior was no different than that of Whitaker, who told Nadler that the chairman’s time to ask questions had run out.

    Republicans feel that it is OK to have an authoritarian government.

    Meanwhile this newbie has once again shown herself to have a foot in mouth problem, as if she thinks she's still just chatting on safe space leftie blogs which long ago chased out anyone who had a right of center thought, as if she's not in the U.S. Congress and that USA Today et. al. will not pay any attention to what she says:

    “Some people did something”?
    A lame way to describe terrorists who for no reason murdered 3,000 people.
    Nothing these despicable murderers did justifies prejudice toward Muslims, but once again her choice of words is awful and incendiary. via @usatoday

    — Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) April 11, 2019

    Yet another circus sideshow:

    How can u have a Bachelors Degree when you're married? Our nation's leaders at "work"

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