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    Spanky and our gang.

    There are thousands of refugees arriving at Mexico’s borders right now as I write this drivel.

    Now this is the Mexican Border--South of Mexico.

    This aint our border for chrissakes!

    And all I can recall is the great notification once spoken by Spanky:

    I have been so angry that it has caused writer’s block.

    This sociopathic fascistic leader thinks he will repeal the Fourteenth Amendment by



    All I can think of is:

    God I hate this guy.

    Whatever he says is false.

    This man is a felon.

    People who support this prick are pricks or idiots or both.


    I was watching this old Bone’s episode on TV.





    Temperance and Sealy are just girls having some fun.

    Well, Booth is a guy’s guy of course….but….

    Anyway this psychotic female interrupts the fun, attempts to shoot Bones but

    Booth steps in front of the bullet, cause he is a hero.

    What is the issue here?

    Well, the psycho realizes that she has shot the love of her life and

    hesitates, with the gun in her hand, but my take is that this character will not shoot again.

    Temperance shoots the felon dead.

    Now, it appears that Bones shoots out of anger/revenge rather than self defense.

    But who the hell would prosecute her for doing ‘what is right’?

    And anyhow, how does one appropriately evaluate a concept like ‘intent’?

    But the real issue involves this question:



    We can’t.

    Let’s shoot up a gathering of the rich blaggarts at some secret GOP site?

    Let’s shoot up a White Evangelical Congregation?

    Let’s mail bombs to our enemies?

    Let’s call on others to shoot or bomb the enemy?

    Let’s site the addresses of our enemies on-line?

    With proper GPS?

    I am lost and I aint found, yet!

    I am just ranting because I do not know what to write.....




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    We keep asking what Democrats can say to win over voters. Trump lies repeatedly. It is hard to keep up. Trump is disgusting enough that voters may take it out on his surrogates. There are close Governor’s races in Georgia and Florida. Trump racism works for Trump, but fail for others. Steve King of Iowa is a white supremacist who finds himself in a close race in a deep red district. People are waking up. The state’s largest newspaper and several companies have withdrawn support from King.

    Jeff Sessions was interrupted by a United Methodist pastor while speaking at a Federalist Society. The pastor quoted from Mathew 25. The passage was about serving the hungry, immigrants, the poor, and those in prison. That pastor was removed peacefully by security. Another pastor continue to quote from the Bible. The response of the Federalist Society members was to Boo the quotes from the Bible. Sessions labeled the Biblical quotes as an “attack”. You cannot make this stuff up.

    Roxanne Gay has a column in the NYT encouraging young people to vote. Gay is not naive and notes that Democrats are not perfect. She points out that this is not about selecting the lesser of two evils because the Republicans are evil white the Democrats are the farthest thing from evil in this election.

    The first funerals for victims of the Pittsburgh massacre began today. Trump came to Pittsburgh despite local leaders asking him not to come. Trump’s visit meant some people who came to honor the slain had to stand a block away from the synagogue. Trump did not care.

    Republicans don’t care.

    As Roxanne Gay notes, you can be discouraged, but VOTE.

    I’m pumped. People are awakened. We will not win all the battles that we need to win, but we will win some. We will then prepare for 2020. We can’t give up. We can never give up. We need Democrats to have Congressional oversight.




    Well argued rmrd, as usual. ha

    I viewed some demonstration of the Session's session; it was hilarious and very sad.

    They arrested the rev. hahahahha

    I laugh cause the rev will be fine, of course.

    Gay is fun to read for sure.

    I certainly hope that some folks have been awakened.

    The reason we feel depressed is that we actually listen to what Republicans are saying. Many Republicans I talk to live by a core set of beliefs that Republican mouth but do not follow. They hate being told that they have to sign up for Obamacare but they want health care coverage. They rail about foreigners, but then they can’t find worker to pick crops. They want a strong message sent to Europe about imports, so they support tariffs. They then have to be bailed out by the government because foreign countries won’t purchase US goods. We get angry because we wonder how they can be so stupid.

    Then we listen to the pundits supporting the Republicans and we are angered because it is clear that they are lying. We are also amazed by the weakness of the arguments. We are pissed. Then some smartass comes along and tells us that all the Republicans want to do is make Liberal heads explode. We are told that there are no real policies presented by the Republican pundits. Now we are really pissed because someone supposedly on our side things that we are too stupid to realize that Republican pundits want to upset Liberals. We know that. We want to yell “Shut up”.

    Next we are told not to take the bait. This is really angering and depressing. Trump starts the day with an ignorant tweet. The news media blasts the tweet to the world. All we are supposed to do is ignore the diversion. Democrats don’t control either part of Congress. The tweet will dominate. The caravan, meaning women and children fleeing rape and starvation, will not reach the border for months. They do not represent a threat. But news media will report on the tweet. Not paying attention to the distraction provided by the caravan is impossible.

    We know that the country has to borrow $1.3 trillion to keep the country afloat. But media goes with the tweet. When the Democrats take the House, then the monologue will become a dialog. There will be a true opposition party that will have to be heard.

    We are depressed because news media does not see a reason not to lead with the tweet. Come on, November 6.


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