Time to Call Off the 2016 Olympics

    Russia is lucky in that it has been banned from sending athletes to the Olympics in Rio because of a dying scandal. These athletes will be spared the health risks that athletes headed to Rio will face. The country has the Zika virus. The risks to pregnant women are clear cut. The other public health risk is that infected mosquitos will bite those attending the games, those infected will return to their home countries were they will provide an infected blood source for mosquitos in their native lands. The Olympics provide a source of worldwide infection.

    Recently, a multi-drug resistant bacteria has been found on beaches in Rio. This bacteria has generally been limited to hospitalized patients here in the United States. The risk is that this troublesome bacteria could now appear in the wild in the U.S..


    Rio spent so much money on the Olympics that the city is in economic collapse 


    The country is in the midst of a Presidential impeachment.

    The Olympics should be canceled. The infectious risk is not worth the medals that will be awarded.


    Yeah, I think you're right.   But will the media lust after the story of the Olympics so much, it will ignore the health risks?   Is the potential loss of millions of dollars spent on advertising during the Olympics enough to prevent the network carrying the Olympics from doing the right thing?    We'll see. 

    The media won't get a clue until the games are already underway.

    Governments as well as giant corporations have already spent billions on this event.

    With that kind of investment, I cannot see them shutting it down.

    NBC will benefit from the Olympics, so it will not be calling for a shut down.

    More bad omens a jaguar that was part of Olympic torch ceremonies was killed after it escaped control of its handlers


    An Australian paralympic athlete and a physiotherapist were robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Australia calls for increased security,


    Weird crap can happen with any Olympics, but the health risks, impeachment case, and Rio financial crisis make these episodes seem like harbingers of disaster.



    Golfer Rory McIlroy will not be participating in the Brazil Olympic because of the risk of Zika


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