Tom Arnold's Plan B

    I still have hopes for the right comic(s) peeling off some of the Trump fan base. They've just been stymied by the fact that he started out as a caricature from the getgo.This sounds promising to me. He got fans from his The Apprentice rep as Mr. Genius Tough Billionaire and he's still playing the same character as president:

    Longtime Trump friend: when his APPRENTICE tapes are released, "it [won't be] to hear one N-word. You'd hear much worse than that. If America could see [one 12-hour day of the boardroom shoot], they'd know what's going on in the White House right now, how incompetent the guy is."

    — Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) July 3, 2018


    Politico has a more well-written, longer-form story on this:

    Tom Arnold’s bonkers strategy for nailing Trump by Edward-Isaac Dovere

    The high-energy comedian says he knows exactly how to take down the president. Now, if he could only get his hands on one little tape.

    ​BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—The secret of every Donald Trump conspiracy theory—the ones he pushes and the ones he rails against—is that he’s made them all seem real, all seem possible. Every day is a race between the absurd and the unprecedented. Things that never would have been believable are obviously true. Easily debunked lies are insisted on as fact. People who would have been ignored or forgotten about or never paid attention to in the first place are bizarre kind of stars now.

    That’s the upside-down world where Tom Arnold lives, and the former Roseanne spouse is self-aware enough to appreciate the oddity of his role in the freak show that politics has become. “Donald Trump is a D-list f---ing president, and his enemies are D-list, like Tom Arnold,” he says [....]

    I don't see what the fuss is over Tom Arnold. He doesn't actually have anything on Trump. It just seems like a bunch of bluster to garner ratings for his show.

    I'm shocked, just shocked that Tom Arnold is nothing but bluster ...  surprise

    News organizations interview a man who is clearly impaired. The criteria should be that he show proof of hi statements. At least Carter Page was known to have been in certain meetings.

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