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    Our Great Leader has once again topped himself.  And by that I mean more than his silly hat that was manufactured in China.


    Why did I write this?

    Well, here is Pence. A Pence who is not so very pensive gives us this crap; just yesterday:



    For what it may be worth.

    We should not impeach Spanky or we might end up with Pence.

    The very reverend Pence; who is a religious idiot.

    Should we replace an idiot with a religious idiot?

    He calls it the United States Space Agency, but I would much prefer that this new department be called:


    And there would be an attenuate soldier division to that unit named:


    I would sign on immediately!

    And we could even recruit the Ruskies to join up!



    Spanky would be able to enhance our joint space programs.

    Spanky would enhance our relations with the Ruskies.

    Spanky would, once again, underline the fact that Putin bet on the right horse.

    Just a thought.

    Hell, I even thought of a theme song for them Raiders.









    Gawd I really do adore Bill Murray's lounge lizard shtick. It's just the perfection of parody. Maybe it's cause in my misspent youth I suffered enough of the real thing that he's parodying. I can still see the carpeting...

    His lounge lizard shtick makes me think too of my first omen that the generation gap was kaput: hearing something like the 101 Strings orchestra do a version of a Rolling Stones tune as Musak in an elevator.

    My ramblings inspired by that video are not really off-topic of your greater point, I think: #MAGA is really: bring Lawrence Welk World back, is it not?

    Make America Geriatric Again?

    I once heard people whistling Beatles' Let It Be and such in western China (border town Xinjiang, Karakorum), with me thinking WTF. And then got woken up at 5:30 in the morning to the "Sounds of the 70's... Whistled" piped thru the town's speakers and the People's Army loudly stomping thru the street. "Feelings, whoa oh oh, feelings..." (and *that* amkes me think of Tony, Andy Kaufman's alter ego such as in Man on the Moon. Surreal times.

    love your China story as much as you might expect

    Yeah, pretty classic , for once, really really can't make this up.

    AA you had me thinking about five or more things.

    Once I thought of writing a book entitled:



    But I recall, vividly riding in an elevator in the Federal Courthouse and listening to the Rolling Stones.


    I thought:

    It is all over.

    the end

    hah back (so good to have fellow travelers still alive!)  Here's what shoulda been the subtitle and the construction workers started wearing earrings. surprise

    Edit to add: when we talk about this stuff, do you sometimes wonder if we sound just like when greatest generation used to tell the story about walking 10 miles to school in the snow with no shoes?

    AA now you have me goin.

    My dear old Daddy was a WWII vet and he came 'back' from the ETO with PTSD. I mean he was nuts.

    18 when he enrolled.


    Yeah and he would actually talk about walking home a mile in the snow and...

    Who cares?

    I was 2/3 of a mile from Junior High and then Senior high and I walked in the snow and the rain and....

    Who cares?

    Daddy's PTSD ended up in alcoholism, of course.

    Just view the forties and the fifties movies.

    What was the question again? hahahah



    Hey, Wisconsin girl - my 1st semester in the cold midwest I went barefoot until *after* the first snows, enjoying that college freedom, and garnering more than a few odd looks. Fuck the sprogs - we really were tougher. And yeah, my 5 miles was on a bike, not walking - we weren't Amish, ya know, nor was it the Great Depression - ain't gonna compete with those stories - grew up with that hot potato on way to school/3 kids on a lame ass horse falling off w no one noticing thing - I know when I can't compete.

    A little Steve Miller on Friday night aint that bad. hahahahahahah





    Dick... You and me...


    Standing on the moon
    I see a shadow on the sun
    Standing on the moon
    The stars go fading one by one
    I hear a cry of victory
    And another of defeat
    A scrap of age old lullaby
    Down some forgotten street

    1989 - Jerome J. Garcia / Robert C. Hunter



    Russian Embassy mocks Trump’s Space Force logos

    @, Aug. 10

    The Russian Embassy in the United States early Friday morning seemingly mocked President Donald Trump's campaign for a logo for the administration's newly announced "Space Force."

    Using Trump's favorite mode of communicating, the embassy tweeted "Good Morning, Space Forces!" along with a graphic of a rocket being launched and features the Russian flag. The tweet also links to a Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation's Space Forces website [.....]

    Jonathan Swan @ has heard from lWhite House mice expressing their displeasure at the Space Force collectibles plans of the tacky Trump campaign

    • "We had an objectively good roll out...and then the campaign does that and makes it all look like a joke," one White House official told me. "It was done with zero White House input. Campaign went rogue."

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