Very good sophisticated article on the problems "with sorting based on the dominant racial binary"


    Perhaps. For say 30 years Ive recognizes some people would be fine with a 55% Hispanic majority, but a white majority drives them wild. Ignoring Brazil held onto slaves til the 1880's, Chile wiped out Its indigenous peoples as celebrated by one of Its best known literary epics, and recent ethnic cleansing in Honduras and Guatemala Is well-documented.

    I'm rather tired. Who are these Laotian fisherman around Galveston, Ethiopian cab drivers in Vegas, Iranian landlords in LA... Its a melting pot, for fucks sakes. The problem with the Black portion Is Its not melting enough. We dont need to highlight being Black so much as not-giving-a-shit. We know people will treat The Other like shit anywhere in the world - jíst boys being boys. But Blacks -especially darkskinned Blacks (plus Jews, of course) bring out the crazy. And at the same time we have entrenched Black non-advancement in both Sub-Saharan Africa and the US ( perhaps to a lesser extent in France and UK?) - how to move out of this stalemate? I mean, i'm a realist - women are still treated like shit, but still there's improvement of sorts. There's a gentrified advancement for some blacks, but ať the end of the day there's an oporession that oermeates, assumptions, a risk, a basic unfairness. That got highlights in May, but it's everpresent. If they can be treated as shittily as most others... 

    I'm rather tired

    Now that is funny

    I just appreciate someone writing something on this topic that can easily elevate the thought processes and discussion to the level of your comment. Black vs. white style of writing about it, with no gray, that just exacerbates the problem.

    Especially intriguing to me is her contention that there is a northeastern thing, rooted in history, that affects the whole national discussion and makes it inaccurate for the rest of the country.

    Yeah, history grows from the East was a nice line.and true, of course. Fór a while IT seemed the West would také over, but nope - the lens Is a Nor'Easterner.

    seeing lots of buzz about this changing the quality of the conversation:

    "Caste" drops on Tuesday. It will be interesting. South Africa dealt with some of its issues with a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Perhaps something similar is needed in the United States.

    fits in neither black nor white dominant narrative but a common enough story:

    I couldn't access this review but clearly from her tweet it's a rave to the max:

    Check Ur email

    "We need to abolish race" by Inaya Folarin Iman:

    Good, clear piece here (and appreciate the shoutout to me and @kmele): "We therefore do not have to be defined by the designations (or indeed identities) imposed upon us. This includes not just the designations of racists, but those of anti-racists, too."

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) August 4, 2020

    I agree that her clarity in writing about topic is stellar! She has obviously thought long and hard and distilled an essence that is easy to read. For that reason, it's a good article to share.

    Was watching a Malcolm Gladwell talk Yesterday where He was noting his 4 identities: British, Canadian, New York and black Jamaican. Oddly enough, without the last he would give up so much - just another White dude, co-opting other cultures, it just working off privilege. Instead it's accepted he can be a culture Whisperer, parsing the vagaries of our societal faultlines, when Its probably his geekiness and sheer love of writing that really informs his success - he just keeps going, finds/digs up something else to write about. 

    Replacing one type of racist assumptions for another Is not progress. History Is full of civilizations that ran over each other. Alexander largely just overwrote Cyrus' empire with enhancements. The Romans bootstrapped via ripping off the Phoenicians' stomping grounds. Probably someone thought these new Greek and Roman ethnic types would be a great improvement over their precursors. Moscow grabbed hold of the successful Viking/Rus trade routes via Novgorod to the Black Ses (plus were tapped by the Mongols to be their local chosen Mafia bagmen and controllers). The Celt privileged got moved out of Central Europe into Galicia and the Isles. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    You're talking ethnicity, though. Now here's a gal/guy who's really down with those skin color categories, just ain't going to let those go as much as Inaya and friends try to convince otherwise:

    why are people talking about the race of turkish people as if there arent white turks, asian turks, black turks... im

    — nil ceo of s1 sam (@drakesend) August 5, 2020


    Very discerning - must be one of those Jung Turks Ive been hearing about

    One of the sharpest academics in America gets a write up from one of the sharpest reporters

    — Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) August 14, 2020

    By Michael Powell about Adolph Reed: The cancellation of a speech reflects an intense debate on the left: Is racism the primary problem in America today, or the outgrowth of a system that oppresses all poor people?

    Beginning excerpt:

    Adolph Reed is a son of the segregated South, a native of New Orleans who organized poor Black people and antiwar soldiers in the late 1960s and became a leading Socialist scholar at a trio of top universities.

    Along the way, he acquired the conviction, controversial today, that the left is too focused on race and not enough on class. Lasting victories were achieved, he believed, when working class and poor people of all races fought shoulder to shoulder for their rights.

    In late May, Professor Reed, now 73 and a professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania, was invited to speak to the Democratic Socialists of America’s New York City chapter. The match seemed a natural. Possessed of a barbed wit, the man who campaigned for Senator Bernie Sanders and skewered President Barack Obama as a man of “vacuous to repressive neoliberal politics” would address the D.S.A.’s largest chapter, the crucible that gave rise to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a new generation of leftist activism.

    His chosen topic was unsparing: He planned to argue that the left’s intense focus on the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on Black people undermined multiracial organizing, which he sees as key to health and economic justice.

    Notices went up. Anger built. How could we invite a man to speak, members asked, who downplays racism in a time of plague and protest? To let him talk, the organization’s Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus stated, was “reactionary, class reductionist and at best, tone deaf.”

    “We cannot be afraid to discuss race and racism because it could get mishandled by racists,” the caucus stated. “That’s cowardly and cedes power to the racial capitalists." [....]


    thread that's onto something because he's a screenwriter and fiction writer, a little too simplistic and groups too big, but still worth noting:


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