The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Two Types

    There are two types of Democrats in this world: Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters.

    If you're a Hillary supporter, then you must be a plutocrat, an angry feminist, or a moron.

    If you're a Bernie supporter, then you must be a naive dreamer, a misogynist, or a moron.

    Conclusion: The Democratic Party is composed of plutocrats, angry feminists, naive dreamers, misogynists, and morons.



    So, everybody in the Democratic party is Sergey Brin.

    Which makes us all equal.

    But also fabulously wealthy.

    Looks like Hillary and Bernie both won!

    You are obviously a Republican troll. Begone!

    2016 just started and I'm already fired from Dag?

    You were fired like 8 months ago. Didn't you get the memo?

    I did!  I got the memo that I'm now in charge.  Now take this silly post down ASAP!  (Or tomorrow would be good, too.)

    And they're the good ones.  (Slow news day?)

    Personally, recalling many descriptions given to me by other peeps, I am a moron.

    However, I do not care who wins the dem nomination; I am voting dem.

    the end

    But at least we aren't Cheddar Colored Trump supporters now they have problems.   laugh


    Can I leave you a few brochures from "Sociopaths for O'Malley?"


    Congratulations Michael W.!   Accu-Quote, the internet's best source for accurate quotable material, has placed your quote in an internet blog whose subject is the 2016 elections. (There may be a small placement fee, for which you will be billed later)  Please re-read your quote (reproduced below) to make sure that it accurately reflects what your wrote.  And thank you for using Accu-quote!  

    "Conclusion: The Democratic Party is composed of plutocrabs, tangy lemon twists, native screamers, microbiologists, and mormons."  

    (If you feel your quote is not being accurately represented, please contact us immediately at #accu-WTF)

    And LOL again!


    I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm sick and tired of hearing about your damn plutocrabs

    Mickey and Minnie said the same thing ... 

    heard she was fucking Goofy, didn't know Pluto as well.

    I hear Mickey does Tink--

    *Crook of Cane Catches Neck, Pulls Me Off Stage*

    Serious TOS violations from both of you.  Off topic but naughty, too.

    Snow White called - seems like something's up in dwarfland - bad week for everyone.

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