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"Nearly half of Americans don't pay taxes?" - Why that should make us mad!

No doubt many of us have heard by now that nearly half of all Americans pay no taxes. Now, of course, an easy response to that is to correct that statement by pointing out that all Americans pay taxes, but that still leaves the statement that nearly half of all Americans pay no federal income taxes as being true.

Should you vote for Obama and why?

It seems that here at dagblog there are a variety of opinions as to whether one should vote for Obama, and what reasons people hold for that decision. Some of these opinions I understand, and some I don't. I recognize that not everyone believes in using logic to make decisions, but I think that it's a good exercise to at least see where logic takes you before making a conscious decision to ignore it.

Heisenberg, Einstein, and String Theory


If you are completely still, you are everywhere, and

You have to move infinitely fast to be in exactly one place.1


If you are traveling the speed of light, then you are everywhere.2


If you are in exactly one place, you are everywhere, and

If you are completely still, you are moving infinitely fast.3


Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts

This is just too good not to share:

Tax breaks vs. budget breaks

I welcome any and all devil's advocates (or other complaints), but find the general gist of this to be on the nose. The source of this infographic is the Center for American Progress.



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