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Math is Tuff

So if superdelegates shouldn't count, there are 4051 pledged delegates.

1/2 plus 1 = 2026 to win.

Hillary has roughly 1717 after last night - a few more to be awarded

She needs 309 for pledged victory.

There are 781 pledged delegates left.

With 40% of the remainder, she wins.

With 51% of California and New Jersey, she wins even with delegates elsewhere.

If she gets 45% of all others (81), she only needs 38% of CA & NJ to win (228)

Prince v. Supreme Court

Prince died recently, apparently in a lot of pain due to decades of hard dance moves on-stage that left his joints in shambles (but still in better shape than mine could ever dream of).

Prince's demise came not from the joints, but from painkillers. But ironically for the fervently anti-drugs star is that his Jehovah's Witness religion prevented him from choosing the more common surgeries that would have likely lessened his pain. Why? The church's objection to "blood transfusions."

Should Jehovah's Witnesses object to their health plans paying for their employees' blood transfusions, it's hard to see this being more objectionable than not paying for contraception - it's a core tenet of their religious belief, and with 1.2 million "publishers" and 2.5 memorial attendees in the US, roughly half the US Jewish population, they're large enough to be taken seriously.

Never Quite Good Enough

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the first serous female candidate and the first to ever win a presidential primary, eventually racking up 23 of them and arguably winning the popular vote, losing to the rising star of the party by only 97 pledged delegates, while only falling behind in superdelegates a month from the finish.

Throughout the primary campaign, Clinton was labeled as "inevitable", in lieu of her husband's presidency and her party connections, often as a pejorative accusing her of feeling entitled. Missing from this simplified equation was that many Democratic leaders had condemned her husband's actions, that he'd been impeached, that the 2000 election was largely about "Clinton fatigue" with many "liberal" media figures regularly slamming both Clintons' actions and reputation, and he didn't even have the coattails to pull his VP over the line.

Nebraska votes (again)

As if to point out the bizarreness of caucuses, Nebraska offers both a primary and a caucus too.

Bernie won the caucus 2 months ago by a fairly large margin, though with superdelegates Hillary came out only 2 behind, with 2 more left to be selected.

                                                         Hillary        (delegates)        Bernie       (delegates)

Obama's Smart War?

Recent announcements of attacks on ISIS paint a picture of a rogue group of militants finally on the run, getting their come-uppance as it were (being "brought to heel", since I'm not running for office?). Defeated in battle, having $800 million in cash destroyed, even having the US turn up the heat on their famed social media advocacy (helped by rock star hackers Anonymous).

After 7 years of maintaining and extending the Bush Doctrine to new countries, and tip-toeing around the Syrian conflict, has Obama finally found his groove, his not a "dumb war", but a smart war, one that has at least tangible benefits to what most people see as something worth fighting for?

Hillary Releases Transcript

Okay, not that one, but the Bejing one, but as bonus, you can find one of the Goldman Sachs videos below sans transcript. In the meantime, to answer Nancy Fraser (via Trkingmomoe):

Horse Latitudes

There's been a lot of discussion lately regarding fracking, obscene oil profits, and the need to funnel part of this largesse into social programs and needed improvements. Oil companies and their lobbyists are seen as immoral and exploitive, and the taint of money from any of these sources is an overriding theme to this campaign season. Moreso, as they're seen as the culprits both behind our endless Middle East wars and the growing concerns of global warming and greenhouse gases, with calls to phase out fossil fuels now, not later.

Jane plays victim card

So Jane Sanders goes on Fox to agree with Donald about how unfair the delegate process is.

Let's see how hypocritical that stance is. Her big complaint is about closed primaries. But Hillary's won 11 open primaries yugely including semi-open Ohio, while Bernie won Michigan by the skin of his teeth (1%/17000 votes). New Hampshire was a closed primary, Oklahoma and Rhode Island semi-closed, but Vermont & Wisconsin were open - kudos, 2 open primary wins, finally.

I'm Voting Your Vajayjay

I've been a bit bewildered from the start - when people frame the election in terms of "voting your vagina", I expected a rousing round of "Hell yes!" At least I would, ever since I was 8 or 9 or so. I of course vote and think with my dick too, so it might be a bit conflicted, but "I'm in" was the expected response.

Prince Retrospective

Ever since I heard Dirty Minds and Controversy, I've been a big fan. "Annie Christian, Antichrist...."

He combined Hendrix and funk, managed the cross-over, a bit clean, a bit dirty, get your big on butt over here - gotta get up, get down.... oh shit. Way too young. And then that duet with Beyoncé.... and the Revolution.

See ya, dude - and thanks


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