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    The ashes of the Phoenix ...

    I have really little to add here, but this may be one of the most uncomfortable celebrity interviews I've ever seen. This guy is clearly fruit loops.


    This is good stuff, but Dave is no stranger to bizarre interviews:

    Here's the link to the full interview -

    If I hadn't seen some other stuff with joaquin related to his career change, I'd probably be wondering if some or most of this interview wasn't some kind of publicity, acting stunt, but Joaquin has always seemed to be nothing if not very serious and super-earnest.

    It's also worth noting that this guy has had a weird life.  He was born into a cult, had his 911 call to save his brother played ad nauseum on televison and radio and even had this happen to him:

    On January 26, 2006, Phoenix was in a car accident in Hollywood on a winding canyon road that flipped his car over. The crash reportedly was caused by brake failure. Shaken and confused, Phoenix heard a tapping on his window and a voice say, "Just relax". Unable to see the man, Phoenix replied, "I'm fine. I am relaxed". The man replied, 'No, you're not'. At this point, Phoenix managed to see that the man was famed, eccentric German auteur Werner Herzog. After helping Phoenix out of the wreckage, Herzog phoned in an ambulance and vanished.

    I mean, that's just weird.  It sounds like a dream.

    It's an act, and clearly it's working. 

    Wait. So you guys are arguing that this guy is "acting." As opposed to.... which other guest?

    Maybe he's facting.

    The acting of most guests tends toward the normal. Does that mean they are really the weird ones and Phoenix is truly, underneath that pretty, pretty hair, the picture of sanity?

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