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    I Am A Nerd, an Unashamed Nerd! PAX Comes After ComiCon: or How To Bond with Your Adult Nerd Children

    PAX... The Penny Arcade Expo is a three day Nerd Extravaganza! Who wouldn't want to hang with this guy! And no peopel I am not Chewie, I am a bit shorter than Chewie, and you won't see me unless I've shaved.  First we had the Emerald City ComiCon.  It was in March and it was an absolute blast. I attended with my 20 and 24 year old boys, and their friends. I know weird right.  Am I a cool mom, or a sucker... maybe a mixture of both describe me... hahaha.. But when I heard the Nerds at San Diego's ComiCon have gone to War with the Westboro Baptist Church, I knew I'd been hanging with the right people.

    Like this guy:

    And this guy:

    And even this woman!

    I need ideas, who or what costume should I be wearing in case the WBC nutbags show up at PAX. What kind of sign should I be carrying?

    I need your ideas people, PAX is on Labor Day Weekend. I am old yes, but I want to join in the fun.

    Yes this is how I bond with my adult boys, men, okay whatever, I know it might seem weird, but it is why Nerds have better relationships with their kids; we never, ever grow up, not ever.

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