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    Scott Brown's Daughters - They're coming

    Brown daughters


    We are living in a special time. Right now, we live in a world yet to be infected with lurid tales and gossip about Sen. Scott Brown’s daughters. Soon, Ayla and Arianna Brown will have the paparazzi aswoon, and be somehow linked to Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Hilton Perez and Perez Paris (assuming those final two exist).

    Our media may not be able to explain Reconciliation, but they know how to blanket-cover college-aged girls. So enjoy things while you can. Because soon they’ll be everywhere. After all, once The Huffington Post starts running "BIKINI SHOT" stories about them, you just know they'll be huge


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    Earth to Asteroid... Earth to Asteroid... Pls note photo above, showing individuals to be struck dead.

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