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    Wolf Blitzer takes to Twitter to showcase why CNN is last choice in cable news

    When a network goes from the top of the ratings world to the very bottom, generally there's a reason. Look no further than CNN's Wolf Blitzer's Twitter stream to see those reasons. From Wolf:

    • Jessica Yellin did a very good report in SitRoom on Sarah Palin and her sexuality -- the fact that she's good looking. Did you see it?
    • Why is the conservative base of the GOP apparently so much more energized right now than the liberal base of the Democratic Party?
    • Just finished a photo shoot for "Every Day with Rachael Ray" for the Celeb Fridge Page. March issue.
    • Major Hasan visited a strip club in Killeen even as he prayed five times a day. We'll assess with a Muslim scholar today in SitRoom.
    • Quite a debate between Jamie Rubin* and Ben Stein** on Larry King Live. At issue: trying terror suspects in NYC.
    • Father David O'Connell, president of The Catholic University in DC, comes into The SitRoom today to discuss gay marriage and abortion.
    • Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales comes into Sitroom today to react to AG Eric Holder's decision to try 9/11 detainees in NYC.
    • Don’t believe Anderson. It smells terrific in the Situation Room. Play the #CNNChallenge today www.cnnchallenge.com
    • From the Clinton Playbook. President Obama's job summit next month reminds me of all the summits Bill Clinton used to host as President.

    Enjoy last place, Wolf. Make yourself comfortable, you'll be there for a while.

    * AKA Mr. Christiane Amanpour.

    ** AKA The Creationist who has compared Obama to Hitler, advised investors to buy five minutes before entire financial world crumbled, etc., etc.

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    Not that the MSM needed any help, but Twitter is seriously killing journalism.

    I think the 24-7 news cycle was really the main outside influence that hurt journalism. All Twitter does is showcase the arrogance and stupidity of the compliant MSM journotainers.

    I think the 24/7 cycle started it, for sure. With so many hours to fill, they had to either repeat the same "boring" true news stories every so often, or they had to start filling that time with mindless chatter--or speculation. And, they soon realized it's much easier to speculate than to actually run down a story, so voila.

    I guess what Twitter is killing is actual thought.

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