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    Breathe With Me

    Hi there, come on in.  No, I’m okay, but thanks for asking  … how are you?  Oh, good, I’m so glad to hear it.  She’s better?  Wonderful news, really, and thank you so much for letting us know.  What?  No … not now, maybe later … who’s that behind you?  Hi!  You’ve made my night just by showing up.  I’m sorry, I know.  I’m just distracted for the moment … you, too?  Seriously?  What’s going on?  Grab a seat on the floor with a pillow handy and wait for me, I’ll be right back.  Your place is beside me tonight, and mine is to sit and not move ‘til you breathe. And I promise you will.  Give me two and a half minutes and the rest of my night is yours if you want it.

    Oh, good grief, the kitchen.  Still, where are you when I need to restrain the frig?  Never mind, it’s not glowing so I’m going to assume it’s not dangerous.  Yet.  Moving slowly away …

    I have an unopened bag of pretzels, five chocolate chip cookies and two glazed doughnuts, slightly stale.  Who’s hungry?

    Yes, I’m back.   Oh, thanks for the pillow … I need the soft.  But what I really need is you.  Can we talk?  Can we let other folks drift into their own space and just find ours?  Oh, I know, but let them.  Let them argue about whatever feeds them … let’s just eat stale doughnuts and gab for awhile.  What’s on your mind tonight?


    On my mind tonight … I spoke with an old friend by phone today … someone I hadn’t spoken to in give or take fifteen years; someone I have always remembered very fondly.  We worked together for a very long time and when she left the job it was, as she described to me at the time, because she could no longer tolerate working for the new “boss”.  Fast forward - the new “boss” fired me years later, and my old friend is now co-managing the business with the “boss”.

    Funny that none of the above bothers me in the slightest.  We all move in and out of life; we all make decisions  based on where we are at the time and if those decisions change we can hope those close to us understand.

    Hearing her voice, hearing her sound like a company spokesperson even as she expressed delight at having heard from me made me cringe.  With everything else considered, I suppose I had hoped for something … different.   But it’s not on her in the long run, or even in the short run of my dissatisfaction.   It’s not “on” either of us.  It is what it is, as some people say.  But in this case it makes me sad … and I’m not sure why.


    No thanks, I’m good.  Will somebody put on some music?  Oh, perfect!  That fits perfectly with what’s been on my mind.  No, no, we’ll get to that later.  There you are!  Like I said, your place is beside me, so come here … I need to breathe with you.


    Can't embed for whatever is the reason of the day. angry

    "Late Lament"

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,

    Watch lights fade from every room.

    Bedsitter people look back and lament,

    Another day's useless energy spent.

    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,

    Lonely man cries for love and has none.

    New mother picks up and suckles her son,

    Senior citizens wish they were young.

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,

    Removes the colours from our sight.

    Red is grey and yellow white.

    But we decide which is right.

    And which is an illusion?

          -Moody Blues

    Sometimes adding text messes things up, so a youtube embed only should work

    Tried that first thing PP, but it did not work for me. Some days the Universe is against me no matter how many cups of coffee I swaller.

    I shall try anew.

    Always beautiful ... and sometimes reading the words really lets them sink in ... thank you for this, wabby.

    The above, or supra as Mr. Day would say, is my favorite cover of my favorite Tom Petty song, may he rest in peace.

    Everyone should be trampled by turtles at least once in their life.



    Yep, once the turtles opened my eyes, I did as the song says - I found my place among the wild flowers, a thousand miles away from the dandelions back home.  A place I feel free.

    Oh this is delicious.

    I miss stuff sometimes, and I missed this.

    That is why they call you Missy.

    Here, I gotta song.



    "They"??!  Who the hell are ... oh, wait ... that's kinda my name, so ... sorry.

    You got one, too, Dick.  ;-)

    Good songs being played here.
    I have been listening to Low a lot lately.



    I'm given this thing:

    A lullaby in motion

    I needed to hear ...

      Auditory overload.

      I wish my ears were headphones.



    But sometimes ...



    I see we are heading away from headphones and have entered the land of ironic blue.



    Turn them inside out.

    I am feeling less losted today, to employ Richardian vernacular. So I will turn it inside out.

    What is in that big bowl in the fridge?


    The big ugly blue one* with the slightly warped lid?  Homemade chicken salad ... and it's only a couple of days old, which everyone knows is when it's at its best (all the flavors getting along nicely).  I don't make it often 'cause it's a royal pain to do it right - roasted skin-on chicken breasts are the real key to flavorful, tender white meat.  But it's stupid to only make one or two for the salad, so I always roast at least four for a really good dinner as well; with mashed potatoes, some kind of veggie, warm bread and enough chicken fat drippings and cream gravy to smother your mamma.

    You're welcome to some of the salad!  Why do they call something with nothing vaguely resembling a salad a salad?  How are smashed hard boiled eggs with mayo a salad?  Anyway, it's awesomely good, if I say so myself.  But it's not for sandwiches.  Shreaded/chunky chicken pulled by hand - use a knife I'll kill ya with it - with chopped red apples, sliced green grapes and toasted walnut pieces tossed lightly with really good mayo and salt and pepper to my taste.  Grab yourself a fork and a plate of whatever kind you find around here and have at it.  Love to hear what you think!

    Hmmm.  Aren't you glad you asked?  ;-)


    *I apparently like ugly blue things.

    You health food nuts make me nervous.
    But I am hungry and will give the salad a try.

    (Shhhh... there might be a bit of chicken smothered with mashed potatoes covered in gravy just there, in the back.)

    PS - no one has ever called me a health food anything ... I think I'm blushing. 

    Barefooted, I can relate to that phone call. Good roll you're on, I'll have some.l


    people make me blue

    got up some chicken salad

    reliable friend


    Reliable friend,

    it's good to hear you again ...

    even in abstract.

      Pick me up some fried chicken

      'cause them salads just won't do.

    Reliably good, you.

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