The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    I had to opportunity to see my son, more than once over the holidays.

    He takes me to the store and we purchase all the goodies and then we

    pick up some refreshments and celebrate.


    We ended up, believe it or not watching THE GOONIES.




    I watched the Goonies the first time with Seany when he was about ten? And several times

    after that.


    Here we are laughing at this silly adventure 30 years later.


    The next day he brings over the Pixies!


    Once again, we all have the entire community room to ourselves.


    The tots come up the elevator with me and help me bring down the presents and the candy

    and the cookies and the cups and the….


    Just a few days prior I had won a Christmas Basket at our local in-house mart.


    Anyone else, I would assume might be downhearted because the contents within the package

    were all appropriate for little girls.


    I mean there was a stuffed Snoopy and a Santa cup and a Santa blanket and cookies and a

    Stanta 3d sleigh and…..


    And there it was!


    Along with the Pixies came a cousin named Millie who is in the fourth grade; and that fact

    becomes important later on, in this discussion.


    Oh, and besides the Christmas Basket, friends of mine brought me Christmas cookies and Candy and other stuff.


    Kool Ade and cookies and candy became enough sustenance for the crew.


    Again, we had the entire Community Room to ourselves.


    The Pixies could run all over the place and could even pretend to play the piano.

    Precious had fun with her best friend Millie the fourth grader.


    They spent time coloring in my old coloring books.


    The two like to spend time using Baby Willow as a doll and Willow was

    In the mood for this treatment.


    Millie put Willow on her lap and Precious was seated right next to the two.

    And the two friends began to whisper to each other.


    What were they whispering about?


    Willow was not sure but she enjoyed the entire process.


    What got to me was that the girls carefully take out their coloring expositions and

    Sign their names and document their grade in school and….hahahahahahah




    Precious was looking around and her coloring book caused her Santa Cup to fall on

    The floor and break.


    The tears flowed.


    I cleaned up the mess and Daddy made it all okay.


    At one point Willow was examining one of the trees and a bulb fell (without breaking)

    Willow looked around and fled the scene of the crime. Hahhahaah


    We finish up as always, with a look at the big screen TV.  I think the show involved

    Dora the Explorer, although I could be wrong.


    Anyway, everything turned out okay.




    As I approach 70 (next year) the mundane is none too bad.


    All the Pixies are well.


    Mommy and Daddy have encountered no problems paying the mortgage or the utilities or any other bills owed.


    At a time when hundreds of thousands receive no paychecks for work performed.


    At a time when the government sends out notices to Federal Employees that they

    Should hold yard sales.


    At a time when the hungry will soon be denied food stamps.


    At a time when babies are kidnaped from their parents by Federal Agents.


    At a time when an idiot runs the Executive Branch of Government.




    The end.




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