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    Twelve hours of sun

    And then twelve hours of dark

    Equal Equinox

    But it rains all day

    So its gray or dark all day

    Unfair Equinox

    I can take half bad

    I'm very used to half bad

    It's just paradox

    We can take the bad

    But we also need some good

    All dark is a pox

    Repubs own Congress

    And they own the White House too

    I need some Malox

    Throw in the Supremes

    (A court run by these repubs)

    Now I need detox

    Dark, dark, dark, dark, dark

    It appears so dark all day

    It's all bullox!

    Then there is the cat box

    Is the cat dead or alive?

    That's a paradox

    Now I feel boxed  in

    I just can't sing in the rain

    During EQUINOX




    I made it through the hurricane with very little damage.  Just lost a couple of screens in the lanai.  Some of my neighbors were not so lucky.  Just to let you know all is well. 

    Momoe you make my day.

    I am so very very happy for you.

    The East Coast of Texas was decimated and so were the vast areas of Florida.

    And Momoe survived!

    Good for you.



    You survived Momoe.

    (And you are the only one to read this limpy poem. hahahahah)

    I read you often.  Keeping a low profile.  I just wanted to let you know all is well. 

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