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    Hi there, come on in.

    Hi there, come on in.  Here, I’ll take that.  No, don’t worry about getting anything wet … it’s not like it hasn’t rained, snowed, sleeted or cussed us out before, right?  Believe me, this carpet has seen more of this mess than I want to think about!  Just come in and get warm, that’s what’s important right now.  I know, I know … but that’s why we’re together.

    Wow.  Did everybody bring food?  Usually it’s the few that we depend on to feed us but tonight it looks like somebody - oh.  I’m sorry.  OK, right now we have a new rule that I just made up: nothing is over the limit, beyond the pale (whatever that is), tasteless or unspeakable.  We say what we feel tonight and we say it out loud to everybody.  What?  Yeah, I know, but we’re not such a bad sort and we won’t deliberately hurt anyone.  Will we?  I just can’t help but wonder if he was here, wouldn’t he want us to speak up and out?  Laugh and be silly?  Hmm?  Oh, you’re right, of course.  He’d also be the first to offer open arms for the hug we all really need.  Goodness gracious, I’m sad.  I just am.

    Talk to me.  I’ll talk back, I promise.  Let’s just not let this space become empty without the person who opened it … instead, let’s grow it for him.  Because of him.



    I have a Challah bread in the oven ... I'm not Jewish, but I love that bread!  I have recently gotten into baking bread, so am still finding my way.  Baking is awesome in general ... especially when you have people around you who love gobbling it up!  Do any of you have something you like to cook?

    I was afraid of hitting on this new post.

    I am so afraid of so many things.

    There was a time that

    I was even more afraid

    Of being alive.


    Where might we go where we are not belittled?

    Oh Missy is there.

    Thank you missy. hahahah

    Oh there is a song.

    There is always a song.

    I get so very lost Missy.


    We all get lost now and then, Dick, you know that.  What matters is that we keep trying to find our way ... with a little help from our friends! 

    I almost cried when I saw this. It reminded me of days past when we did this every night - shared a glass of whatever each evening, sometimes late into the night. I remember one special occasion when I brought real glass glasses to drink from, and another when I popped in to clean out the fridge (you were always such a wonderful hostess, but that never seemed to be able to make time to toss the stuff that was green and furry!)


    It would never have been the same without you, Still.  The get-togethers --- and the frig!  Come to think of it, since you're here ...  cheeky

    Ha! So, it's still an issue after all these years? I'm not nearly as concerned about it anymore. Something about having 4 grandchildren to chase after makes yucky refrigerators must less important! But, you're that I'm here, I may as well toss a few things...

    Each day marches on.
    And I fall behind a step,
    running to catch up.

    Running to catch up

    only works if what you hope

    to reach is in sight.

      If it is farther away,

      a steady pace moves forward.

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