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    A dark icon of Jesus

    It is a pity

    That in this sad cap city

    There just is no truth

    And so it has been

    For over two hundred years

    Just a DC swamp

    He shall drain the swamps

    So sez our esteemed leader

    The leader called 'Trump'

    This esteem of manure

    Creates odors of past sins

    From his own bio

    Goldman/Sachs was bad

    Now his appointments are goooooooood

    They all smell of bad

    Yet Goldman might save

    And God knows we need savin'

    From the end of times

    We hope for the sane

    Arpaio the camp leader


    Apaio is loved

    By our most esteemed leader

    Look at these yooged crowds

    Concentration camps

    Abound in Arizona

    Arpaio made news

    Our esteemed leader

    Seeks news all over the place

    And it's based on race

    I am not racist

    Says the documented prick

    I am American

    And so I conclude

    I do not wish to be rude

    But Trump is a rube

    Jesus help us all

    Even when we own no jets

    Save us from regrets

    Regrets of ballots

    Cast when we were so lost

    but now we are found


    Hi.  Enjoy your poetry.  I stop in to read you here in the creative section. I only have time to lurk these days.  Just thought I would let you know. 



    Hi Momoe!

    Yeah, I know what side I am on.


    Pete is my favorite commie, always.

    Thank you for dropping by.

    I hope you and yours are doing well on Labour Day!


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