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    Just Curious


    Who's still around these parts?  I see Flavius, AA, jollyroger and rmrd as "readers" and, naturally, a few of the headline gang.  Since I'm not here on a regular basis I'm sure I'm missing some ... but who?  I'd truly be saddened to think this wonderful place has become a virtual water cooler.

    Even so, just being here makes me smile.


    Nostalgia is a powerful thing.  ;-)

    Water's cool, but it's always cooler on the other side.

    Of course Desidero would disagree, being desirous and disagreeable, but I strive to please.

    Think of us as the Goofus and Gallant of blogs.

    I find room temperature to be the most comfortable.  Though I suppose it depends on the room.

    Some like it hot. When life deals you Lemmons, make Lemmonade - walk on the Wilder side.

    Seems like an odd coupling ... unless you're blazing a new path.

    More old. And grumpy.

    Compliments will get you anywhere.  ;-)

    Save it, Tiger. Talk to my sister Eileen.

    We've clearly been a virtual water cooler for the last two years, probably more. But most of the small group chatting around it are still here.

    And a fine group it is.  Nice to see you, ocean.

    At first glance it might appear that we are squatting. But no! The owner is actually very supportive, keeps everything well maintained behind the scenes and even stops by from time to time.

    You did not see Flavius over there? Still sharing great memories.

    NCD is still very much a regular, just not every day, and still can be a funny as hell mimic.

    I think a lot of people found a new place to spend most of their time but still lurk a little from time to time and peep up when they really really got something to say, like oldenGoldenDecoy (I got the impression somewhere along the line that he spends more time over at TPM Prime?)

    Richard Day had a serious heart disease problem, posted about it and how the doctors "fixed" him, starting posting other things again for a while and then disappeared again!

    As he always did, Doctor Cleveland comes and posts few and far between, but interacts when he does. Danny Cardwell posts more often but as he always did, doesn't usually interact. The last time he decided to interact, he got real pissed so maybe that's why he usually chooses not to interact?

    Orion returned and was real active in the second half of last year, and it was all pretty pleasant having him around, he seemed happy about it, then he disappeared again!

    Like you just did, basically it's like Prufrock, people come and go, talking of Michelangelo

    me, I just like having a place to analyze things going on and get input with a few people, not a big crowd. I get the noise over at Twitter, like having a place to clear my head.

    In short, it's kinda like the chronics in Cuckoo's Nest. You wanna see baseball? Gotta hold a vote first. Me I volunteer for the Billy Bibbitt role.

    I saw a REAL old name pop up on a post by Jolly Roger on Monday: wendy davis !!!

    I suspect that, just like you, old members stop by once in a while to check out what's going on, mainly lurk a bit and then usually end up going back to their new routine. Whatever that is, whether it's some new club or maybe they've mostly broken their habit.  But sometimes, like with wendy, they just get the urge to say somethin'!

    It's mainly a bad habit, an addiction, what we do, we know that. cheeky

    It's funny how, sometimes, a place with no ceiling or floor still has a corner that makes you just want to grab your favorite pillow and sit a spell.  Thanks, AA, for sitting with me and telling me about our friends.

    I'll see ya again soon.

    welcome, but I have been remiss, I must add an important name because I know you liked to share poesie with him:


    moat took a short break last year, but now still comes by all the time. seems to me moat is clearly trying to cut down on the addiction, very disciplined, sticks to looking at only a few topics.clearly one of them is Trump admin. corruption.

    last appearance of moat, I think, was here on the 8th on one of my threads, maybe there was one more recent. moat is a precious mind. hope moat does not break addiction!

    Discipline, sticking.

    A precious mind; addiction.

    He is my poesie.


    I too like that we are a small group but while I wouldn't like to see dozens more here another dozen smart people would be a welcome addition.

    Oh, I was going around looking for an *honest man*. Will revise my job ad criteria. Hard to leave Greek tradition behind.


    hi kyle. keep on lurkin' smiley

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