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    Letters Of Hope ... To Freedom, Maine

    I've rather come to like putting links here, in Creative Corner, to articles highlighting people, places and things that are too easily overlooked.  Not particularly political, not openly opinionated ... just stories that don't have a place In The News here at Dag but might fill in a vacant spot or two with its' readers. 

    So in that vein, I offer a piece from WaPo's Food section about a tiny restaurant in Freedom, ME: The Lost Kitchen.  No, it's not a review, even though it looks like a truly lovely place with exquisite food (be sure and check out the video).  The interesting part is that they only accept reservations for their nine-month long season by mail.  Postcards, to be exact.  3x5 postcards, to be exacter. 

    It may seem somewhat weird, but it ends up feeling, to me, like a Valentine.

    Feeding people at restaurants is an emotional transaction, as well as a financial one, and another benefit to the new system is that French gets to connect with her diners long before they arrive. She looks at the postcards when she arrives to start cooking. “I’m thinking about whose dinner I’m making,” she says. She leaves the postcards out for the staff and says, “All right, here’s who we’re feeding tonight. … We have a sense of who these people are before they even come in the door.” It’s particularly helpful in a restaurant where it’s tough to be a regular. And after the night is over, the card remains as an artifact from the emotional transaction of dinner the night before.


    (Apparently including a link to a piece about a link is a good idea.)

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