Only a Model: Melania's time in Paris, NY?


    Where's her picture on a milk carton? Unfair to give Javanka all the luv

    wow, interesting...

    Or maybe she just had her facelift reshifted during lockdown.
    Lady must be bored.

    Can compare with this video from 2019, seems close enough, but some conspiracy-minded think it's still someone else.


    Now I think it's just those sunglasses, they're huge and obstruct her distinctive slanty eyes and high cheekbones that we got used to ID'ing her by. They sort of make us expect a different kind of face underneath them, more oval, almost like an optical illusion. BUT the mouth and tip of her nose are EXACTLY the same.

    IANAD, but Dental work looks a bit different

    Rectangular teeth vs oval crown?

    First lady Melania Trump does not have a body double, BuzzFeed News and USA Today report

    There is no evidence to support the conspiracy theory that the White House uses a Melania Trump body double for public appearances, according to BuzzFeed News, USA Today and Snopes.


    This body double story is ridiculous when everyone paying attention can see that it's obvious she's a robot sex doll. The rapid emotional changes are clearly programmed. And the so called swatting away the hand is just flaws in the movement circuits. Occasionally when they make repairs or upgrades there are appearance changes and some people think it's a body double. But all in all you have to admit she's very life like.

    The swat as you call it is to prevent electromagnetic disturbance with her/it's functioning - a small field can disrupt the signal path or worse, allow a way to implant 3rd party software on contact.

    I've got to admit she still looks and acts different. Just further proof of the Trump belief that covid infection can be invigorating? laugh

    That said, somewhere I saw a reporter tweet that Trump himself did a terrible job at his rallies yesterday, half-heartedly phoning it in, seeming lifeless, must be realizing it's all over. I was tempted to reply "but did you see the Maggie Haberman tweet pointing out that he was tweeting at 3am just before?", but didn't.

    Another Body Double

    Confirmed - Melania's two-faced

    Please don't make me dredge up Melania doppelganger again...


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