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    A World-Weary Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



    Here's this week's heap of haikus:


    Shy birds on the line,
    trying not to heed the call
    of Mother Nature.

    (Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)


    double haiku:
    Filtering his thoughts,
    he decided not to say
    how he really felt.
    For she would just get
    mad and begin to cry, and
    he couldn't stand that.




    What a fella can
    do about a pelican ...
    isn't much.  Just stare.


    (Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)



    Disguising some swans
    as prima ballerinas
    takes stepping on toes.



     Note to Reporters-ku:

    Covering ISIL?
    Don't try to be nice-l, your
    head they might slice-l.


    He whispers her name,
    as he lies in bed at night,
    so his dreams find her.



    Material for Anti-materialism-ku:


    Doesn't becoming
    what you'd like to be, involve
    getting and having?




    As the Summer wans
    the golden voice of autumn
    begins to whisper.




    He could not keep her
    back in the day,  now 'what ifs'
    pester him all night




    When you do things right,

    you don't have to do what's left.

    What's left is alright.



    Overgrown grass hides,
    a long neglected tombstone;
    a child forgotten.





    In the morning sun,
    the construction rig appeared
    to be made of gold.


    (Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)



    From a small garden
    an enormous sunflower
    reaches for the sky.


    (Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)



    A new feature:

    Easily Refutable Extrapolations ( E.R.E. ) in haiku form ...


    Ship builders build ships,
    shoemakers make shoes, washer
    women make washers.


    If the sky is blue,
    and the grass always greener,
    more books should be red.



    If E is equal
    to MC Squared,  What's equal
    to MC Hammered?





    cheap joke-ku:

    3 and 3 makes 6,
    5 and 5, 10 ... 7 and
    7 ... makes you drunk.


    His consistently
    bad game of golf could be called
    'Sliced to perfection.'


    He kept looking for
    planetary alignments
    to bring him good luck.


    Rivers of knowledge
    seldom flood those reluctant
    to wade through the creek.



    double haiku:

    This physical realm,
    lets spiritual beings,
    experience pain.
    Live and you’ll know pain;
    All lessons in Life derive
    from this simple fact.


    If you spy a fly,
    that spies as it flies,
    will that fly spy on your fly?




    Her slender fingers,
    caressed his unshaven face,
    He smiled. They made love.


    Paths to glory run
    through fields of ignominy,
    loathing and defeat.



    Cold and rainy nights,
    attract the lonely, for they
    hide the tears they shed.




    Exhausted, they slept
    in a field of bluebonnets;
    his head in her lap.



    His pulse would quicken
    each time she entered the room …
    Heck, she brought the beer.


    I hear distant trains
    and imagine going home ...
    whistles on the wind.


    The fabric of Life;
    From order to chaos, we
    slowly unravel.

    After the rainstorm
    shimmering shafts of sunshine,
    broke through the dark clouds.



    Who have you steadied?
    Whose heart have you opened? Whose
    dreams have you unleashed?


    I am on the phone

    Pop, it's me, how's it goin?

    Oh my back and my....


    Oh stop that, I think


    Oh Pop it seems bad.


    Well how is baby?

    She cries and mama's sooooo tired

    And nobody sleeps


    Precious got sick

    And now I am sick; stuffed up

    I got a week off


    And I clean the house

    And I try to get some sleep

    Work is easier.


    Noela toss those

    Those berries are poison, just

    Toss them on the ground


    Oh Pop this is tough

    Mom and Grandma took baby

    To the doc today


    For a reg check up

    I am in the yard with her



    Surrounded by fems

    His babies, Mom, & grandmas

    No men to talk to.



    Life can be so goooooooooooood

    But it can be a tough job

    He must just man up



    And he will manage

    He yells at his girl, and he

    Sounds just like I did.


    He sounds just like me

    It is amazing

    To go back in time like this

    And yet hear myself


    He had to go and

    Care for his wet baby girl

    And I said good bye!


    Echoes of remembrances of things past.


    That is all I got.

    (Great presentation as  always from you, I am lost in thought today)


    Thanks, DD!


    tanka haiku:

    There are few people

    I'd wish would stay lost in thought,

    You find comfort there.

       And I enjoy your on-site

       reports filed as you wander. 


    Long dress rehearsal;

    not sure that I fit the role;

    The curtain rises.

    Ha!  Good one, moat!


    The curtain rises,

    I'm naked and reciting

    some soliloquies ...

    "To be or ... maybe not" ... Line!

    "Whether 'tis nobler to ..."  Line!


    Whoa; that there is a pretty tricky tanka haiku: I like it.


    My trousers are gone.

    Stripped away like paint from wood.

    This is a dream: No?

    His trousers were gone ...
    her dress hung on a flagpole ...
    That was some party.




    Stripped like paint from wood,
    or shopping malls in Cleveland.
    This is not a dream.



    I  always dream about panties?

    Does that mean I need counseling?

    I dream of pantries,

    You mean parties? ... No, I mean ...

    Pasties? ...NO!!  Panties!

    Panties, if scanty enough,

    provide their own.counseling.


    (With my blurry eyesight this morning, I really did, at first, read panties as pantries... and that's how comedy is born.  Hahahaha) 


    As wonderful as always. Thanks for this. 

    Thanks for the kind words, trkingmomoe!  


    Have you built a quilt?

    You must be a sew and sew,

     thimbled fingers tilt..



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