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    Where Are Your Albums?

    Hi there, come on in.  It is, isn’t it?  It feels like such a long time since we’ve been able to share a lovely night like this … hmm?  Oh, that would be wonderful, but I doubt we’ll get that lucky.  It’s still just January!  Who?  No, I haven’t now that you mention it.  Did you hear something?  Is everything okay?  Yeah, you’re right, it’s just me being paranoid because of, well, you know.  He’ll show up eventually, so in the meantime let’s get inside and grab somewhere to plop and something to eat – not necessarily in that order!

    Did I tell you Still popped in last week and cleaned the frig for me?  She’s so awesome.  As always, after she spent plenty of time making fun of me we curled up on the sofa and yakked for hours.  There’s really nothing like old friends to make a day seem … what the hell was that?  Oh!  Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have left that there considering how heavy it is, but honestly how is one person supposed to handle that?  Would you?  Just in there would be great; behind that other thing I don’t know what to do with.  I did not!  Stop laughing!  They offered, didn’t they?  Okay, okay … so what can I get to quench your thirst?

    Grab the plastic cups and the marker – yeah, it’s over there, too.  You know the drill and no, it’s not stupid.  Anyway, I’m having Zin and there’s plenty … also the usual soda stuff that’s probably going flat and some beer in the sparkling frig and … just root around for yourself.  Of course!  I’ll put on a pot just for you and to make the place smell like home.  How’s that?

    Well, the sofa’s full of folks and the ugly blue chair is full of dog – are there no courageous people here? – so I’m grabbing a spot on the floor.  That pillow is mine sayeth the host!  Who threw that?  Okay, that one works, too.  Anyway, hopefully everyone is comfy and has a drink and an edible something nearby.   If anybody wants anything else from me then speak now or hold it for awhile ‘cause I’m settling in … no?  Great.  Here on out the place is yours to graze as you see fit; perfume of coffee one of the perks.  I saw that.

    Where’s the music?  Oh, no, you know I’m the last person to do that.  What?  Yes!  Y’all are perfect … no, some of them are empty but the CD is probably close by if you look around.  Of course I still listen to CDs!  I know that, so there’s no reason to – what do you mean, old?  It’s called old-school, thank you very much.  Besides, the quality is still so much better than anything you can get elsewhere.  Because I said so.  Who said that?  I still miss the really old days of vinyl records.  Record players, diamond-tipped needles … and the very best thing … album covers!  Who still has a collection of vinyl tucked away somewhere?  It’s like a whole bunch of memories and lifetimes that can’t be replaced and yet can’t really be replayed.  Impossible to reproduce and impossible to let it go … so still we hold on.  How many times have you moved and taken that heavy load of useless, warped, scratched and priceless rubber with you?  Exactly!  Has George Carlin written all over it.

    I’m ready for another plastic refill, how about you?  Sure, I can handle that if you bring the bowl.  I think there’s another bag of chips under there – no, not, yeah, there – and some cheese in the frig.  I swear it’s safe!  Didn’t you hear me say Still was here?  Wait, weren’t there some cookies left?  Maybe I was thinking of the brownies we already scarfed down … check the cabinet to your left.  Bingo!

    Nice choice of music … I’d forgotten I had that.  Come to think of it, I’ve forgotten a lot of the music and video that I’ve collected over the years.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Like you’ve got any room to talk.  I know, right?  It’s so weird to be older and feel younger even though you used to be younger and felt older – why are you taking my cup away?


    Oh Missy I have been amiss?

    I was lost and now I am looking for found?


    OGD and Mr. Smith and Peracles and others remind me of my favorites.

    After 8 years and a couple years other on TPM I have favorites.

    As you well know.

    Take another piece of my heart. hahahah



    Ahh, Janis ... and what a heart that was.  Thanks, Dick!

    My eyelids won't close,

    my mouth is always open ...

    why can't I hear you?

     Yeah, I know this is misplaced,

      but the garden is empty.


    When words won't do...



    When you feel alone and paranoid...


    When you have to escape and hit the road...

    When you just have to let it all out

    You're my new DJ ... thanks, Peracles.

    Oh, like:








    Or maybe this:



    Or even:


    But then a jarring mellow comedown like this:


    Perhaps an audio rendition of a New Year's wish ... (who knew Luke Skywalker could channel Trump?)

    Edited to add something really worth hearing -



    You know what Peracles.

    You aint that bad a guy.


    Prove it.

    Well Peracles, I would not feel all alone....

    Knew you couldn't do it. I am the winner - I am lucky in cards.

    Oh well Peracles, nothing feels better than Blonde on Blonde...but

    Please, please take a look at Ducky's grand thesis on nuclear accidents for chrissakes.

    Jesus H. Christ.

    How close to annihilation were we, really?

    I dunno. Ducky just got to me!

    Still, Blonde on Blonde gets the award! 

    Oh I have other emotions and I have other remembrances.

    I kind of liked Mac


    Sometimes you just gotta break free, Dick!



    On that note...

    Caught in a landslide / No escape from reality...



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