Black Lives Matter organizers have launched Campaign Zero as part of their fight against police violence. At their website, they grade several of the Presidential candidates on a 10-point scale. Bernie Sanders rates highest with a score of 8. Hillary Clinton received a 2.

    Hailing Bernie's "authenticity and "integrity", prominent progressive African-American intellectual and civil rights activist Dr. Cornel West has officially endorsed "brother" Bernie Sanders.



    Oh, dear.  Cornel West. . .

    Here we go.

    Jim Ross voice: "Bah gawd, Mona, it's Tavis Smiley!  That's Tavis Smiley! Who would have thought he'd show his face around here after that Pearl Habor attack on President Obama?"

    Bored, Hal?

    Bored? Heck no.  I'm just chilling watching the Giants.  If I were bored, this blog would have been three to five hundred words minimum.

    Not sure that's a rousing endorsement of your prior blogs, but I'll take your word for it!




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    Fixed it for you.


    Sez you. Fixed it myself.

    If I run it thru Tagalog UTF8 it says: "Hal, dancing with myself"


    The word hasn't filtered down to the White establishment yet, but at this point, having Cornel West's endorsement could be a liability in the Black community for Bernie. If I were running for office there are three endorsements that I would hope to do without - The endorsement of Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Ralph Nader - self-servers, all. 

    You were late to this one, Wattree... I had the under on your writing this within one day! Always nice to see you, though.

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