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    The news today (or tonite) involves an election; an election involving a true American Nazi.

    I know; the left calling a right wing prick a Nazi is sometimes (or most times) a bridge tooooooo far?

    I will supplement this introduction with links of course.

    But right now, I am really just noting what everyone already knows about this Roy Moore guy.

    What we know is usually characterized as unfair to THE SOUTH.

    Southern Whites do not like Negroes.

    Southern Whites like to thump the Bible.

    Southern Whites like to marry their cousins.

           (well they have to find love someplace?)

    Southern Whites hate poor folks who are not White.

    Southern Whites 'know' that Northerners also hate Black Folks; but the Northerners just pretend?

    Southern Whites 'know' that Northerners are just toooooo tooo kind to the real folks who killed their 'Savior'.


    I was listening to Sam Seder again (because I hate Jesus) and he shows some video whereby Roy Moore is discussing important things with some right wing Southern Gentleman.

    And the most important points include the following tenets of Southern philosophy:


    This refers to the Bill of Rights included in our Constitution.

    Tenthers believe that all (or at least most) of all Constitutional Amendments should be erased because these Amendments refute the true aims of our forefathers. (Oh and fuck foremothers for chrissakes)

    Moore actually agrees that the 13th and  14th and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution should

    be voided because the 'South' only voted for these Amendments when they were responding to the North holding a gun to their head.


    But it aint that funny.

    Just forget the sex crimes we all know about.

    This Moore sombitch would void laws involving slavery and voting rights and.... 

    Oh, and women should not have the right to vote or even appear in the work place?

    Of course the Ten Commandments (that do not refer to pedophilia by the way) should be included in the statutes of all states.

    Muslims should not be allowed to vote in this country, let alone hold office.

    Homosexuality should be punished by law; FINE OR JAILTIME?

    A woman's place is in the home. (by at least the age of 15?)

    (And not in the voting booth, for sure)

    Negroes were better off in slavery.

    Family values are of import for those who are not part of the ruling class.

    Poor folks should pay all the taxes and reap no benefits.



    Give me your thoughts on this Alabama Senatorial Election.


    Here is a first link anyway.



    If Alabamians (as they like to be called) vote for Moore tonite well I will not be surprised.

    If the vote goes to the Dem....

    Well there is hope.






    The Royatollah isn't a bigot....!!!!!

    His periodontist is Jewish!

    (there's a periodontist in Alabama?)

    Some have made the claim that I'm a racist. I'd like to point out for the record that all the field hands on my plantation are black and the women that cleans my house is Hispanic. The money lender banker that takes care of all my finances is a Jew. And I love them all.

    well we have about two hours and the polls close.

    MSNBC just has useless polling stuff right now.

    Did you know that a majority of Alabamians disapprove of the dem party?

    Polls close in a little over half an hour.

    Mr. and Mrs. Moore arrived at their polling place on horseback.

    I really wish to know if they have to shovel up the horse manure and bag it in the parking lot?

    Polls have closed in Alabama.

    Kornacki has his sleeves rolled up.

    Early info was black vote percentage was 30% of the total, higher than the 28% of the total that Obama received. The early white vote for Jones is under the needed 35%, but again its early.

    Yeah it is early.

    Besides the Black vote, Jones is winning the female vote.

    Looking bad with 7% of the vote in.

    52% for the pervert

    7 percent is nothing, but I'm worried about the exit polls. (Not that I expected Jones to win, but I'm hoping against hope to be surprised.)

    28% in.

    52% for the perve.

    duplicate post

    Over 55% of vote in; 52% for the perve.

    But cable not calling it yet.

    85% in and 1/2 of 1% percent, 4000 vote gap.49.5 to 49.

    Likely a Royatollah win to further foul the Trump swamp, but close.

    Yeah  87% and Jones has the lead?

    80% of vote in. 50% to perve. Only 13,000 votes separate the candidates with over a million votes counted.

    Obviously there are good Americans in Alabama!

    Yeah, we've finally found the line that a sliver, just a tiny but big enough splinter, of republicans won't cross and vote for. Or another way to put it, while a few republicans won't vote for a pedophile the majority still prefer a pedophile over a democrat. Looks like Jones wins.




    Yeah! CNN projects Jones as the winner.

    CNN projects Jones!!!!!!!!!

    I'M VERKLEMPT..!!!!



    Prediction 1: Roy Moore will challenge the results and allege (African-American) voter fraud.

    Prediction 2: Trump will back him.

    Yes, Moore has already stated it's not over and he won't concede. Though I'm not sure Trump will support him. Trump wants to be seen as a winner more than anything else.

    Yeah, just half-right I guess. But I haven't given up Trump's capacity for debasement. He may yet come around to the "rigged" black vote line.

    Maybe we can expand respect a bit and not write off Alabama as just dumb crackers. Still a long way for the state.

    Yeah, only 48.6% of the voters preferred the pedophile. Got to respect a state for that.

    Black-hipster coalition - the New South - build on it. Quit being so cynical and morose. Why's it called a Party if we're going to pout?

    I'm happy enough. But you're telling me I need to respect a state because a good democrat just barely eked out a win against a pedophile who also attempted to rape a 17 year old. Our idea of what merits respect differs.

    The good news message for me is less that they earned respect as a reasonable state but that in the state that was labeled the reddest in the country by The Hill in 2014. there was a denunciation of Moore's extreme hypocritical culture wars. Analysts are saying on CNN now that besides the write ins, many other conservative evangelicals just stayed home. At the cost of having a Dem represent them in the Senate! Almost anathema.

    Bodes very poorly for Trump and his modus operandi. The ultra conservative type that constitutes perhaps 1/3 of the electorate will steadfastly get out and vote for almost anyone spouting conservative promises, but we now see hypocritical clowns are a bridge too far for a significant number of them.

    I'm willing to bet this Alabama peanut farmer helped

    Caption: Nathan Mathis holds a picture of his daughter outside a
    Roy Moore rallyi n Midland City, Ala. (@VaughnHillyard/Twitter)

    ‘How is my daughter a pervert?’: Alabama dad’s plain-spoken rebuke of Roy Moore strikes a nerve

    @ WaPo





    There is that kind of culture change going on allover red state America. Change I would have thought unthinkable 20 years ago. There really is such a thing as "the new south." Alabama might be the least "new" but some things are bubbling there.

    Oh, they didn't get tick marks as a "reasonable state" - it's been a very hard push from the get-go for a skinny result. Even Roy Moore is perplexed.

    As I said I'm happy enough. Sorry to mute the celebration with a bit of reality. Oh we might take the house but I still think that the republicans will pick up seats in the senate in 2018. The Moore loss isn't enough to change that opinion. I doubt that the republicans will pick more pedophiles as senate candidates in 2018.

    Watching the Dems actually fight for a win was pleasing. I can't predict anything in the future except they'll likely win more than if they don't fight.

    Humor, my man, humor. I'm not ready to slash my wrists quite yet. And even then I'll probably inscribe it with some cartoon figure. (was going to say Dilbert, but he's kinda dropped off my read list)

    No, I"m not fucking telling you you "need to respect a state" - I am telling you you need to learn to fucking read if you're going to accuse other people of not knowing how to read all the time. Try it again:

    Maybe we can expand respect a bit and not write off Alabama as *just* dumb crackers. Still a long way for the state.

    Wow, is that complex? Is that "hey, y'all, we all's good now in Alabammy!" Hardly. Moore lost because a few whites did write-ins for some not-much-better conservative whites, along wth massive promo & GOTV, especially for African Alabamans. But besides a strong core of blacks who recognize a hateful racist fucker when they see/hear one, you have a bourgeoning white liberal class - including youth but some older - in places like Birmingham and Huntsville. I also hear LGBT groups were highly active and influential. It's all depressingly small, but a finger hold (thanks as well to *EXTERNAL* support for GOTV et al. The latest maps on gerrymandering in the state are horridly demotivating, but if if if in 2020...).

    But you know what was also small? The support for Republicans in Alabama when people started campaigning for them in the mid-60's. 

    And over the last decade, I"ve seen a million insults about southerners blanketed all around. It may feel good for everyone to keep fighting the Civil War, but it doesn't much win elections. Besides the anti-Moore sentiment, Doug Jones won the election by *keeping his big fat mouth shut* on topics that wouldn't motivate his crowd. Inch by inch. We can take this thing if we're smart and work hard and keep it in play election after election. But we won't get a pedophile statutory abuser to run against every time.

    Peracles I have read this 7 times?

    You are mad.

    I get mad all the fucking time, of course. That is my job. hahahah

    You are my hero.

    And of course you have read my odes to you.

    I just do not understand the source of your anger against Ocean.

    I know that you are progressive.

    And all progressives do not agree.

    I shall take a look at this liberal disagreement soon.

    But I do not get what you are angry about in this context?

    I do not get it.

    Ocean is my friend, my ally.

    So are you.

    Alabama has gooooooooooood American Citizens who give a shit about our Constitution and our wonderful change in attitude.

    (That sentence sounds stupid? hahahaha)

    Just be nice to Ocean.

    He is our friend.

    In the end, it is the short people who threaten us all.

    Yeah, those short folks who just hate tall people.

    I don't have anger with OK. He just likes getting down in the trenches, I like getting down in the trenches. Once armistice or Xmas truce hits, all's forgotten. This is the internet. I'm a dawg.

    BTW, you missed your chance. (warning: extensive but justified use of the "N" word)

    Peracles; I forgot all about this great song.

    I do not even know if this would sell today?

    There lies some truth in this song.

    For Heaven's sake.

    Anyway, there are some goooooooood folks down in Alabama ways! For sure.

    A month later....

    We have just illuminated the Sins of our nation.

    I am a month late but I think about these things.

    Shelby Foote who is one of my favorite historians noted that if he were put back into those 'olden days'; well

    he would fight for Mississippi?

    I get so goddamn mad.

    There is no right or wrong?

    There is just....


    This is where there lies chaos? Or fake news?


    In a few days we will see a man with an 11 year old mind give us the STATE OF THE UNION?

    Should we present a live chat on this subject.

    You tell me.

    I got two days?


    Forgot about it? That's like forgettng about a whole culture beached on the rocks trying to flap its way back in the ocean. And maybe this is one Roy Moore can relate to about now:

    Peracles... Ah yes ...

    Maybe we can expand respect a bit and not write off Alabama as just dumb crackers. Still a long way for the state.


    I've seen a million insults about southerners blanketed all around. It may feel good for everyone to keep fighting the Civil War, but it doesn't much win elections. Besides the anti-Moore sentiment, Doug Jones won the election by *keeping his big fat mouth shut* on topics that wouldn't motivate his crowd. Inch by inch. We can take this thing if we're smart and work hard and keep it in play election after election. But we won't get a pedophile statutory abuser to run against every time.

    Chuck points this out very clearly... (my post here at Dag)

    A Wake up Call to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Tom Perez and all Americans.


    After reading of this pitiful screed from Moore this morning, comes to mind how impressed I am with the inroads the LGBT activists are making into "Old South" culture and politics since the 2016 elections. There are so many examples of "first elected" LGBT in so many positions. Then there's people like the peanut farmer with the lesbian daughter in their face. The Moore type people are kicking and screaming bloody murder as if on their last breath.

    I think reality says they should be: lost the battle, move on to the next war: it's the sex robots they should be worrying about? cheeky

    Not thinking just of Danica Roem in Virginny, but also like this Korean-American guy in Georgia, ran an even smarter campaign: ....Park’s social media manager Bonnie Youn said she was, like many others, compelled by his story. “The Democratic Party of Georgia didn’t think his area was winnable,” she said. “But he did...

    sorta "be careful whatcha wish for" thing going on here?

    conservative @ National Review happily, not sadly, reporting that

    As in: finally things are on the move and looking up to get those trashy low life Moore-Bannon-Trump-Hillbilly racist populists off our back, surely the new upright citizen belles and beaus of all colors will buy into our capitalist meritocracy program...


    There have now been more write-in votes cast tonight than in the 2016 presidential election

    — Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) December 13, 2017


    (both found re-tweeted by Maggie Haberman of the NYT)


    Yes, the white evangelicals was only 44% of the voters instead of 47%. So a fringe of them couldn't bring themselves to vote for the pedophile and sat out the election. The good Christians, the moral compass of our nation, the spiritual that guides us on the path of the righteous, 80% voted for Moore.

    Ocean Kat, you have me laughing almost two days after the fact, so damn hard!

    I hereby render unto Ocean the Dayly Line of the Week Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of Ocean from all of me.


    God forgive me; although it appears he never comes thru. hahahah

    But damn!

    Ocean, there were something like 40% of the Virginia legislature in the old days who voted against secession for chrissakes.

    I assume that is how we ended up with West Virginia.


    As I noted before, there are certainly GOOD SOLID AMERICAN PEOPLE in Alabama.

    And this election is proof of this statement.

    the end

    I remember Obama wouldn't campaign for Jim Martin over Saxby Chambliss in the runoff - thiught it was too partisan, unpresidential - pissed me off. Maybe this will set the tone for a 50 state strategy - Never Give a Inch.

    Way to go Alabama. This was a true surprise. Now the work begins to get Jones re-elected. Hopefully, the message the GOP takes from this is that they need even more hardline candidates to fight against the Liberal MSM. S-Chip is almost dead and Republicans are doing nothing. Republicans still have the tax bill on their agenda.

    I did think that there were enough white voters to create victory in many states, I didn’t think that Alabama fell into that category.


    The vote breakdown for Doug Jones

    White men 27%

    White women 35%

    Black men 93%

    Black women 98%

    Even white women went overwhelmingly for Roy Moore


    You don't expect to get off that easy, do you? It's still black men's fault. It's Alabama, after all. Kinda like "Forget it, Jake - it's Chinatown".

    White women who support Moore live with hate, anger and misery, it makes them feel good to make others miserable too. 

    The nuance on that, NCD, is that while you might still be able to tar 65% of white Alabama women voters (in this election, we don't know how many stayed home out of disgust) as diehard GOP voters and possibly racists to boot, it does look like a lot of them couldn't stomach voting for Moore. And that was necessary help in defeating him:

    Fifty-eight percent of Alabama women voted for the winner, Democrat Doug Jones, including 35 percent of white women, according to exit polling. While that latter figure might not sound like much, it’s more than twice the 16 percent of white Alabama women who voted for President Barack Obama in 2012, the last presidential race in which exit polling was conducted.

    Outside a Montgomery polling place on Tuesday afternoon, Sandra Davis, a self-described independent, said she was tired of her state being the “laughingstock of the nation.”

    “One reason,” she said, when asked why she voted for Jones: He’s “not Roy Moore.”

    To get to the point where women could put him over the top in one of the most conservative states in the country, Jones needed everything to go right. Just 13 months ago, Donald Trump took 62 percent of the vote in Alabama.

    But every factor lined up in Jones' favor [....]

    from Jonathan Allen @, Dec. 13  "Alabama’s women wrote the verdict on Roy Moore." Would these women still vote for someone like Trump, was this just because of the special over the top extra added assholishness of Moore? That to my mind, is the real question. Because it looks like these votes were definitely needed to add to the results of GOTV effort as regards Dem faithful, blacks and black women, in order for Jones to win.

    In the end, what it makes me think: I don't envy Doug Jones his job from now on. He's got to keep these people happy that voted for him as "not Roy Moore" as well as the ones who are his real supporters, or he is outta there next election. Looks to me like a GOP candidate who was not an out and out nut would have won, and what Jones does on his shift will decide whether Alabama turns quickly red again. He's still going to have the "vote moderate" problem most liberal bloggers like to scream and yell about as regards Congresspersons, I predict many "Doug Jones needs to get a spine" comments coming to a blog near you in the future.

    Doug Jones can get re-elected if black voters remain energized. Black voters will be energized if their issues are not neglected. If black voters are ignored, they will stay home just like you suggest white women stayed home. If Democrats act on issues of voter suppression, police abuse, unfair tax plans, etc., they may lose white women. If those white women abandon Jones, it will support my point about the bias of white voters. Hopefully there is now enough of a coalition between white youth, whites of good conscience and black voters to keep the Senate seat. 

    None of the issues blacks care about will be addressed. The senate, the house, and the presidency is still controlled by republicans. Jones in the senate will just make it a bit easier to possibly block bad republican laws.

    Black voters need to see that Democrats are fighting for their issues. They also need to see that the Democrats actively seek their votes. There will be a push for more blacks in seats of power in the Democratic Party.

    It took a depraved Republican candidate to get a third of white women to vote for Doug Jones in Alabama. His re-election is going to take another large black turnout. Black voters were crucial in Virginia and New Jersey.Pur suing white working class voters has failed.

    Black women are the base of the Democratic Party

    Seats In leadership are going to be a demand of black women.

    Dick... look here...

    Basketball player or not...

    This man knows of that which he speaks...

    Here at Dag:

    A Wake up Call to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, and Tom Perez and all Progressives.

    Note that is re-written from the original



    Barkley surprised me; really.

    He is a good man.

    Oh and ducky I think this a good time to honor Moore.

    Moore fought the good fight and so I dedicate this song to him:

    Oh here is another repub perve only from Kentucky:

    Oh they are after me says Dan Johnson.

    All I can do in order to reply to this joinder?


    the end

    This preacher, on the order of Dimmesdale (hahahhahah)

    By the way, I had never connected Monty Python with Dimmesdale before this epiphany, of sorts.

    I think Python was referring to Dimmesdale instead of Dinsdale, but what do I know?

    Johnson ended up in the Kentucky legislature.

    He was a racist and a rapist (evidently) and


    He killed himself yesterday.


    Nobody will read this, but this item bothers me.

    He died. He killed himself.

    Suicide is one of the Christian's greatest sins.


    I do not know why, but this suicide just got to me.

    the end


    Classic Bible thumping white male huckster pervert which the hillbillies in Trump country never fail to be taken in by lock, stock and barrel. Josh on this "preacher's" 9/11 scam:

    .....Johnson wasn’t in New York on the day of the attacks at all. He had concocted a story about visiting the Trade Center on the day in question and being pulled into chaos of the day as an impromptu clergyman, ministering to the dead, setting up a makeshift morgue. There’s no evidence any of this ever happened. But Johnson was apparently such a canny fabricator and con-man that he’d managed to extract workers comp checks from New York State, apparently tied to his phantom 9/11 service....

    Strikes me that Moore's making it hard for The Donald to slate him in somewhere as part of the Post-Trump- Presidency TV Shew:

    Roy Moore turns refusal to concede into religious crusade: ‘Immorality sweeps over the land’

    Off to the Christian Broadcasting Network with him! Not yuge market anymore. Who cares what Pat Robertson thinks these days? Nobody. Losers!

    see he doesn't really support losers, not really, because: he's a political genius!

    The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 13, 2017

    Deck's stacked against the chairs on the Titanic?

    no here's the loony "genius" plan, Stan, at least what it looks like to me, only one person needs to worry about getting re-elected here:

    first tell the surrogates to tell the media that you never cared that much about the Alabama election anyhow

    brag about winning the tax bill, even though nobody really knows what it does, much less you

    then move on to pretending like you're an Independent again

    Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Almost Done – and Already Dead: The president is betting that Democrats will vote for $200 billion in cuts to social programs for the sake of giving him a win

    and maybe later next year,

    Back to ZOMBIE-CARE!  working with zombie lame duck House Speaker and maybe Dems in districts where Obamacare is crashing because of the lack of mandate

    Winning 24x7 - don't even have to open the box to see what's inside.

    working on the wall, too, gonna get there, Rome not built in a day

    There was a great coalition in Alabama, but the real stars were the black women. There are some who discuss how important white women were in Jones’ victory, but the truth is that if you lined up all the white women who voted for Doug Jones in one line and the black women who voted for Jones in another line, there would be over 82K black women with no white women standing across from them.

    I point this out because black women are often not given credit for what they have done. They were superstars. They gave the same support to Hillary in 2016 and to Northam in Virginia earlier this year. Black women vote to save the nation.

    Edit to add:

    About 80% of white Evangelicals voted for Roy Moore versus 18% for Doug Jones.

    Over 95% of black Evangelicals voted for Doug Jones, a good comparison with the 98% of non-Evangelical blacks who voted for Doug Jones



    Last night
    In Alabama
    Black women did
    What black women have done
    Since we were brought here
    Against our will
    And then for hundreds of years
    Were Brutalized by this country

    We saved y’all asses

    Last night in Alabama
    Although 63 percent of white women voters
    Cast a ballot for
    A child molester
    A bigot
    Who has a lawyer who is
    “A Jew”
    Black Women filled the ballot boxes
    With common sense
    And dignity
    Black hands
    Saved the state the rest at Lesle Honore's facebook page.

    Thanks for the link and the support.

    Flower I missed this.

    Sometimes the gooooooooooooood folks win.

    The goooooooooood folks try harder.

    And a miracle ensues.


    As they say sometimes.

    I never saw this comin' as they say in the South.

    This song, as you well know is one of my favorites.

    It has naughty parts as it were.

    But damn; I still think that this song presaged a future where Black Women would no longer be subjected to some nomen as 'bitches'. So I play it thusly:

    This is probably toooo toooo late but

    I began this live chat with Sweet Heart Alabama.

    But damn, I forgot how this should end, and it looks like it ends here.

    So how appropriate is this song?:

    Really folks, this was the true intent of this post after all.


    Except I aint laughin.

    Alternate reality history:


    Remember, the Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional races this year. In Senate, I said Roy M would lose in Alabama and supported Big Luther Strange - and Roy lost. Virginia candidate was not a “Trumper,” and he lost. Good Republican candidates will win BIG!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 23, 2017


    He cheats at golf too. Big time.

    He's golfing now but spent the morning like this. Even cheats at the Merry  Christmas thing, he's less merry than Ebenezer Scrooge before the visitations:

    @ The Atlantic.

    The article also has analysis of recent polling of approval. I.E. things looking pretty bleak for him. And that's without them mentioning something I've seen many other places: even many diehard fans despair about his angry tweeting.


    Per 538, five months hovering at 37% approval - slightly up now from a week ago. This is a blended weighted poll measure. I hear about Trump's popularity failing, but here's a group I largely trust that doesn't show it moving despite all the legislative outrages, the indictments & Mueller/Russia revelations, the Harvey Weinstein initiated #MeToo movement, the Roy Moore and Jerusalem fiascos, etc. etc. I'm concerned that *this is* the Trump trough, that the deplorables base really is that strong.

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