Rename Austin, Texas

    A report on Confederate monuments and streets in Austin , Texas included the recognition that Austin itself is named after Stephen F Austin, a man who supported slavery. Changing demographics 

    The issue noted by the city's Equity Office has raised the possibility of renaming the city. The report released last week recommended renaming several streets and removing markers related to the Confederacy.
    The report also noted that Stephen Austin "fought to defend slavery in spite of Mexico's effort to ban it."
    He "believed slave labor indispensable for Texas to flourish" and "believed that if slaves were emancipated they would turn into 'vagabonds, a nuisance and a menace.'" It also said that Austin sought to have slave owners compensated if their slaves were freed.

    Austin is the latest figure who is undoing scrutiny for support of slavery. Street names and monuments are just the tip of the iceberg ..

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    rmrd0000... Maybe . . .

    The City of Passon

    Named after Wesley H. Passon (1864-1933)
    W. H. Passon Historical Society Records and Bio


    W.H. Passon Historical Society


    1501 E 12th St
    Austin, TX 78702

    Educator Wesley H. Passon (1864-1933), who in 1907 wrote what is believed to be the first published history focused on African Americans in Austin, the society was formed in 1975 to preserve materials and sites related to the African American experience in Austin and Travis County. Although tours of the collection inside the building are currently unavailable, the Gothic Revival house—National Register of Historic Places site—and the outdoor sculptures are worth a look.

    W.H. Passon Historical Society


    Thx OGD, I was unaware of this Texan.

    Holy fuck, Texas seceded because Mexico wouldn't allow slavery there. Of course every single historical figure before say 1880 and most after supported slavery. Are we this bored and ignorant?

    you got me looking up history, mining the cross-links @ Wikipedia for Stephen Austin and finding out things I didn't know. Like that Texas was actually a long-term family project:

    After receiving a land grant from the Spanish Crown in 1820, Moses Austin planned to be the first to establish an Anglo-American settlement in Spanish Texas, but he died before his dream was realized.[1] On his deathbed, he pleaded his son to fulfill his dream to colonize Texas. Stephen led the colony to a now-sovereign Mexico in 1825, and in time, the settlers demanded autonomy and later won independence from Mexico under President Antonio López de Santa Anna, thereby establishing the Republic of Texas.                           

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