• Oh please, give us your godly perception of who received from the sold goods?   

      Clue: It wasn't the apostate church members. Claiming to be Christians, but instead being wolves in sheep clothing, who would gladly gorge upon the weak and their means of sustenance. 

      But I suspect...

    • I have at least 6 heroes from the Twentieth Century and probably more like 60 but Eleanor has to top  the list.

      This Saint brings us from Teddy to Franklln through blood, sweat and tears.

      We have this great great history Ramona!

      It all enthralls me.

      And I really...

    • Oh my goodness, is this a nice sentence to wake up to from a late evening nap!

      Thank you Mike!

    • Hey Jolly, it's encouraging to see you finally figure this whole thing out, about Resistance not 'zactly being what many Christians would think a Christian. No slur intended, just an I.D. thing. The constant focus on the O.T. was always the big giveaway..

      Next up: I always thought that...

    • Richard, you are indeed one of a kind.  That may be why you "get" Teddy.  He was, too.

      And I'm with MM.  Beautiful.  (Eleanor would approve.)

    • That was beautiful, Richard.  Seriously, I hereby from all of me to all of you.  Well said, sir.

    • It is ironic.

      FDR became Governor of NY and he also became Secretary of the Navy and...

      Our Savior followed in the footsteps of his cousin and President Wilson.

      But FDR had a wife!

      And Eleanor had some weight in all of this!

      Wilson did so many wonderful...

    • There is no twisting of words.

      Do Christians have a responsibility to provide she left, food, and clothing to the children showing up on our southern border given that they are running from gang violence?

      Do Christians have a moral responsibility to encourage our politicians to...

      by rmrd0000 5 hours 57 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • Eric, I have told you several times before that I am just a white guy who is in love with the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the United  States Constitution.

      And as you well know, there were so many statutes passed following the passage of those Amendments, eg. 1981, 1982, 1983.......

    • Knowing how slyly you twist words I would have to ask;  what duty and service, you are trying to trick the Nation into performing, to satisfy your expectations so that you can judge us?  

    • Are you saying that if they are Catholic, they are the Pope's problem 

      The Church for centuries, raided and pillaged the Nations,

      Could one expect that...

      by Resistance 7 hours 10 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • So you retract your statements that Christians have no duty to serve those children showing up at our border?

      by rmrd0000 7 hours 12 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • Reminds me of the torture inflicted on the people, during the many Inquisitions. 

    • When I was in high school, I had a friend who was a refugee from Nicaragua during the time that the Contras were fighting the Sandinistas. He was a little less charitable towards them. His version of events was that, before the Contras came the Sandinistas required that you adhere to their party...

    • I'm unreasonable?!

      Your posts proudly state that God wants Christians to behave in a loving and charitable fashion only towards other Christians. Before we help children in need , we need to make sure that they are Christian. You posted Scripture snippets to support your beliefs and...

      by rmrd0000 9 hours 10 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • You are unreasonable.

      by Resistance 9 hours 27 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • Turning your back on them is an an act of disrespect. Not feeding or housing then is an act is an act of disrespect. 

      Are you saying that if they are Catholic, they are the Pope's problem and Christians should do nothing?

      If they were Muslim, would you turn your back and still...

      by rmrd0000 11 hours 44 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • The stranger had to conform to the Mosaic law. The stranger could not bow or serve their false gods and idols. 

      The stranger had to observe and obey all the commandments placed upon the entire nation  

      If they obeyed the law, it was acceptable, as though the stranger was born...

      by Resistance 11 hours 59 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • I answered your question about the strangers.
      I have never promoted treating anyone with disrespect, those BAD thoughts originate from your mind.

      I will not spread a table for those who worship other Gods;  I will not seek to do them harm either, ...

      by Resistance 12 hours 4 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!
    • This response has nothing to do with what VA presented. You reject the Scripture regarding treatment of strangers. You are making up your own religion. You accuse others of being misled while you dispute the teaching to treat strangers with kindness. 

      by rmrd0000 12 hours 18 min ago in Mexican kids, world's luckiest!


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