• Aliens have body copied Ben Carson in the basement of the same DC collision repair garage where the Hillary double was made. Trump knows how fantastic this will be. Believe it. 

       BCv2 is really white like Jesus and he will build Trump Towers across swing states for unemployable white...

    • Don't worry, I'm learning the art of triple face palm, since there's so much to disbelieve. Still, the press vetted Carson more than they did Trump.

    • So Trump owns United Tech stock? so many #Fails, where do we start...

    • Dr. Carson ran for President. When Trump offered him a Cabinet position, Carson initially refused because the neurosurgeon felt unqualified to run a government agency. Did I mention that Carson ran for President?

    • Actually more than a few have experience destroying the area they're to manage and defend, so Carson's inexperience may be a blessing in disguise.

      Still I'm expecting that foodstamps will slowly be phased out and replaced by massive grain pyramids. "Man cannot live by bread alone"? we...

    • Most of Trump's selections are affirmative action choices. Very few have experience in their respective Cabinet posts. In the meantime, we can enjoy the tweet war with China before Trump is even sworn into office.

    • Family values. It's what keeps it all glued together like mozzarella melted over a slice.

      But Flynn Senior is a fixated monomaniacal technocrat who wants to get the party started. Pretty darn important. Who was that guy who said "War is too important to be left to the politicians?"...

      by moat 6 hours 57 min ago in Flynn as National Security Advisor
    • Tmccarthy... Hey there...

      If you do decide to take matters into my your hands it may behoove you to take a quick peek at my short post over in the Hive.


    • More important is Flynn's son is now pushing the Hillary pizza child sex shop. At least he's up on current events.

    • That one's good too, but I was thinking of her saying, "Bars closed on Sunday? Man, if there's ever a day I needed a drink it's on Sunday." Technically line from Half Moon by John & Johanna Hall (of "Still the One"/Orleans fame), but I didn't know that til now, all these years I thought it...

    • 11/09 has changed everything.

      A great national emergency on many levels is coming.

      Our world may end, not with a bang, but a tweet.

      Enjoy the holidays as next year we will look back nostalgically and recall these last days of competent governance.

      by NCD 16 hours 34 min ago in Remainders (if 6 turned out to be 9)
    • Well,  Kris wrote it, but Janis always nailed it.  This verse kind of captures what it's like in the new dystopia:

      Well I woke up Sunday morning
      with no way to hold my head, that didn't hurt.
      and the beer I had for breakfast
      wasn't bad so I had one more for dessert....

    • I do not know about either of those sides.
      I will check them out.

      by moat 18 hours 31 min ago in Remainders (if 6 turned out to be 9)
    • Ah, young Rainer - I pass by the house of his youth, but sadly turned into a finance center. Fortunately a tavern nearby to toast his passions and inner nature. And in days of summer, a trip to the south where he abandoned his military studies and prepared for the world. For a side of Rilke you...

    • Praise the world to the Angel, not what's unsayable.
      You can't impress him with lofty emotions; in the cosmos
      where he feels more feelingly, you're a mere novice. Therefore show him
      some simple thing, formed by generation after generation
      until it's truly our own...

      by moat 20 hours 39 min ago in Remainders (if 6 turned out to be 9)
    • I cut my teeth on Dickens' "Bleakhouse" in the crib - it's been downhill ever since. How did I know what Ma was reading me?

    • Oh, come on - you can do better than that. "Infinitely worse". There, fixed that for you. Time for another drink. The Apocalyptoarmageddon is upon us - and it's Sunday - you know what Janis (Pearl) had to say about Sundays.

    • The saddest thing is that it is really going to be even worse.

    • ( reposted below Didnt like my smiley coming from iPad)

    • And I thought I had a bleak outlook 


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