• It is amazing that wingnuts go on and on about Chicago crime. Chicago murder rate has gone down compared to past decades. Nationally violent crime and murder is trending down.


      by rmrd0000 4 hours 3 min ago in TRUMP & LINCOLN
    • Double Down Donald--It's been days since his moronic remarks have drawn universal ridicule, and he keeps repeats them right down to yesterday.

      Donald Trump Is Wrong About Mosul. Wrong

      It’s absurd to think we could launch a surprise attack on ISIS there.

    • I'll assume then that Alan Grayson and Debbie Wasserman-Schmidt are out too ;-)

      by PeraclesPlease 4 hours 37 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Another CATHOLIC?  No thanks!  Some of my best friends are Catholic; I just think they are over-represented on this court.

      by CVille Dem 5 hours 8 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Cracker Barrel meets White Castle? Mmm mmm good....

      In any case, hoping one thing that comes out of this election is putting a damper on trigger-/choke-hold happy police, a return to basic cool-headed response.

      Some rightwinger was going on and on about the crime situation in...

      by PeraclesPlease 5 hours 43 min ago in TRUMP & LINCOLN
    • I viewed this Peracles on Saturday. One of the funniest skits I have seen in a long time;

      And to think it was Hanks. hahaha

      It could have been called:


      by Richard Day 6 hours 13 min ago in TRUMP & LINCOLN
    • That leaves out Pope Francis.

      by PeraclesPlease 9 hours 49 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • That would be delicious. I hope you're right. And I hope the joint nominee is 45 years old and not religious at all.

      by CVille Dem 9 hours 58 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • I'm pretty sure Obama's in a punishing mood at this point, and will likely defer to what Hillary wants, the way they've been getting along of late. More importantly, stoic as he's been, I think he's finally starting to take this birther stuff quite personally, something he didn't have time or...

      by PeraclesPlease 14 hours 58 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Hmmm... I thought Google and Microsoft were fighting, whereas Apple not only uses the red orb as its symbol with a bit taken out of it - i.e. first colonization. Of course they set up in Cupertino, i.e. little copper (reddish) - Martians are not known for their subtlety.

    • He tries to blame it on Google.  But Google itself may have been taken over by Martians:  the word "google" could be taken to mean something like "overlord" in the Martian language.

      Google has many relationships with another big company, Microsoft.  Microsoft is located in Redmond,...

    • Let's face it, we're probably going to get Merrick Garland. That was the problem with Obama playing a political game. He thought to gain political capital by nominating a older moderate and forcing the republicans to refuse to vote on him. I thought it would fail as a strategy and not really...

      by ocean-kat 16 hours 31 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • I love Biden Cville.

      But damn, we need a guy or gal about 45 who will stay on that court for 50 years.


      by Richard Day 18 hours 27 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Shaving is such a problem these days. I have really nice razors of course that cost next to nothing.




    • I agree with both points. Frankly, I think Biden would be a great Supreme. Too many Catholics already, though. What's with that anyway?

      by CVille Dem 18 hours 42 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Even for Obama I imagine him much more a people person talking to millions than stuck in chambers with 8 grouchy seniors discussing jurisprudence. Maybe he could head the Clinton Foundation, as I hear there's an opening...

      by PeraclesPlease 18 hours 52 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Trump does have a certain kind  of genius.

      by PeraclesPlease 18 hours 57 min ago in Facebook's GOTV
    • Well, I doubt Trump will complain too loudly ... Facebook is providing a potentially lucrative platform for his next adventure.

      by barefooted 22 hours 19 min ago in Facebook's GOTV
    • There're dozens of judges that are just as left as Warren that could be nominated to the Supreme Court. There's only one Elizabeth Warren who can be a political leader of the left in the senate. Supreme Court justices can't lead politically. Not even Sanders can fill that role though he can play...

      by ocean-kat 22 hours 49 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)
    • Looks like Hillary's quite the swinger - who knew?

      by PeraclesPlease 1 day 12 min ago in Campaign Thoughts (pt 1)


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