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    • That's entertainment these days! But I suggest we keep this perspective on the whole humiliation thing: some people are doing things like detergent pod eating competitions, so it could be worse? ...

    • Thank you moat for not presenting as speaking for an entire "race" (i.e., skin color) of people. Sure wishing others here would follow your lead.

    • Who are these others? The only Republicans defending the media in 2018 are Jeff Flake types who acknowledge Trump's corruption. The rest are either too partisan or too chickenshit.

      by Michael Wolraich 33 min 52 sec ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • Thanks for your input moat 

    • The real DJT has made himself clear on this point.
      I propose that there is a group of others with more or less enthusiasm to give him the last word.

      by moat 1 hour 10 min ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • Anything short of declaring Donald Trump the greatest leader of all time would be branded as partisan warfare.

      by Michael Wolraich 1 hour 16 min ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • I cannot speak for more than just this one white person but having the word so freely used in encounters in public and the in the media deeply offends me. I grew up in a community where using the word meant you were a racist. My family had nothing to do with those who used it. We separated...

    • I don't think it was fair of him to urge her to sing the song without first telling she couldn't sing the word "nigger". They were his lyrics, after all, could she have known he didn't want her to sing the whole thing? White people aren't mind readers; sometimes you have to explain things to us...

    • King would not have given the white girl a pass for saying nigger. He never said it among whites. It was his word.

      Edit to add:

      With all the other words in the English language, why is this word so important to white people?

    • It certainly continues the "soft-headed" journalism already established.
      On the other hand, telling it like it is would be branded as partisan warfare.

      by moat 2 hours 22 min ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • Yeah I was struck by this piece too. He really cut through bullshit.

      I don't think it's an effort to give cover to moderates; it's just facile, soft-headed journalism--repeatedly applying the same "norm-breaker" frame that was trendy during the election.

      by Michael Wolraich 3 hours 4 min ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • I share Marshall's disgust with the mealy mouth avoidance of accurate descriptions.
      Some of it seems to me to be an effort to keep a bridge open for those in the G.O.P. who won't cross without cover.

      by moat 3 hours 55 min ago in Marshall on "Norms"
    • Ok, you got me, he used words in private, and teased friends.
      Think he would have engaged in the hypocritical "I'll say this but you can't say it" game?
      Whatever, you get my point or you don't, not worth belaboring.

    • King apparently used terms like “cracker” and “nigger” among friends. He even held mock funerals to ease the tension. When he spoke to blacks who had been called “niggers” all week.he reminded them that they were not slaves or niggers, but children of God. King restricted the use of the term...

    • Can you provide evidence that he would have approved of a black person using the word?
      Can you provide evidence that he would have approved of a black person using the word and then telling a white person they couldn't use the word?
      Can you provide evidence that he would have...

    • It was a concert in Alabama. One performance. The crowd got entertainment.

      Regarding Martin Luther King Jr. and the word nigger. Can you provide evidence that he would have approved of a white person using the word?

    • Thanks you are correct

    • Ooh, black-splaining. Thanks, I'm good.


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