• This is a good recipe and inexpensive to make.  

    • Let me know if you try them.  They freeze nice and you can reheat them in the microwave. If you make pan cakes you can make these.  The batter is almost the same but with apples and you fry them a couple of inches of oil.  Flip them once with a fork. 

    • Enjoyed your story. Your son is a cutie.  I see him on face book. Halloween is my favorite.  We used to put our tree up Christmas eve as a kid and take it down Jan. 6th. 

      Sparky the box troll

    • I have certainly missed much.

      But People attempting to help sick people are put into cages?

      Let us incarcerate the good people?

      I have no answers.

      But right wing radio/tv aint got any answers anyway.

      Just blame Obama for everything anyway.


      by Richard Day 3 hours 23 min ago in Another Halloween story?
    • Again I have to say truly that I am against capitalistic punishment.

      It is just plain wrong.

    • Thank you, Ramona! Your feedback is pure pleasure!

    • Ha! Was it a locally sourced, organic pumpkin? Thanks for reading, Richard. All the best!

    • Thank you, MrSmth1! Happy Halloween and Everyday to you!


    • Yummmmmmmmm!!

    • How lovely, Natasha.  Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. 

      I love this:

      For me, Halloween is the opposite of the horror that is built around Christmas, the high feast of capitalism, with all its frenzied shopping and focus on gift exchange. Halloween...

    • Mommy dressed my grandkid as a pumpkin, last year at the age of 16 months.

      That picture will haunt her fifteen years from now, ha.

      I await a picture of this years celebration soon!

    • I forgot all about fritters.

      Damn, much better than candy! 

      I recall the powdered sugar. Not many calories in that.

      But your grandkids need the calories, for sure!

    • Sweet and lovely.  Thank you for sharing this.  Not having children, I can only imagine the joy this day has brought to you, but reading this brought up a few of my own memories of marching around in my Halloween costume at school.  Happy Halloween.  

    • In Yonder Peasant who is he?Mary McCarthy brilliantly described being orphaned by her parents' death from the 1919 flu.

      As for the Dutch, it used to be said (probably by the English)

      In matters of commerce, the fault of the Dutch, is giving too little and asking too much...

      by Flavius 6 hours 42 min ago in Thinking Like the Plague
    • What changed my initial reaction was becoming comfortable with the evidence of no airborne transmission---cough droplets aside. What still is missing, from my viewpoint and possibly some others is how the Dallas nurses contracted it---and while guidelines were possibly not followed and lifting...

    • That foolish judge was relying on expert testimony from knowledgeable health care experts while ignoring overwhelming evidence from other sources. As the second season of The Walking Dead shows, quarantines don't work. Herschel Green was an educated man, a veterinarian, a scientist, but was...

    • I am getting ready now to leave my office and go back home.  My apartment building is having it's annual Halloween party tonight in the lobby, so when I arrive, I will have to slowly and carefully work my way through a sea of small children with candy-induced sugar highs running all around me...

    • It used to be called "lifeboat ethics" some years ago.

      Which relates to ethics in the same way a Dutch treat relates to a treat.

      (Why does everyone slag the Dutch?  Yes, they're taller than most, but they're generally decent folk and most of them even speak English - though not...

      by Austin Train 9 hours 32 min ago in Thinking Like the Plague
    • The local equivalent of "Least" clearly could not shake someone who was bound to make a fact-based decision.

      And that is one small thing right with this mess of a society.

      Be oh, so very afraid, Least.  That virus is coming for you any day now.

    • Thank you very much.

      I will examine this link or these links. Gives me something to do.


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