• Yes, I am a Russian agent.
      I thought you were one too.
      I wish management was better at sorting out the assignments.

      by moat 1 min 26 sec ago in The Trump Death
    • I didn't realize you had become a spox for the CCP.

      by Anonymous (not verified) 52 min 11 sec ago in The Trump Death
    • I'm not surprised you would protest vote against a sloe commie like Nan preferring a full blown Maoist like AOC or someone of her ilk.

      Nan's looks are on the edge of the  uncanny valley artificial enough to frighten children and adults.

      by Anonymous (not verified) 54 min 48 sec ago in The Trump Death
    • This thread might be the place to collect the various attempts to deflect from the spread of Trump Death by those working in his cult.

      This is almost as good as our College Student's entry:


      by moat 1 hour 1 min ago in The Trump Death
    • The WIFI must be back up at Liberty University.

      Trump Death continues to spread.

      by moat 1 hour 47 min ago in The Trump Death
    • I retain my SF voting privileges so that I can vote against Pelosi in the primaries and  so that if you sue me your ass gets removed to Federal Court, (surprise, sucka').


      That said, she looks pretty good for 80

      by jollyroger 2 hours 4 min ago in The Trump Death
    • Put a wig on that joker and itwould be a great characuture of Nan. 

      by Anonymous (not verified) 2 hours 58 min ago in The Trump Death
    • The floggings will continue until morale improves...


      by jollyroger 3 hours 9 min ago in We are all Puerto Ricans now
    • Not sure, but do we call the Russian "aid" planes "Raisin Bomber 2.0"?

      by PeraclesPlease 3 hours 11 min ago in The Trump Death
    • Huh?  Is that a Batman reference, or what?



      by jollyroger 3 hours 22 min ago in The Trump Death
    • You should be used to pestilence and filthy disease living in your peoples paradise.

      Did you go dancing with Nancy in Chinatown weeks after Trump banned the plague flights from China?

      by Anonymous (not verified) 3 hours 27 min ago in The Trump Death
    • Oh, that was on his Facebook timeline from Mar 26 in Douglas GA.
      These people think we won WWII on prayers apparently,
      and they think a virus is the same as a German soldier.
      On Mar 7, Kemp sent his daughter off to Jamaica.
      Wonder how those airports & beaches were....

    • So you prefer to sanitize from the inside out. :)

      I guess Kemp is pretty mediocre but that's okay since he appears to have a competent machine backing him. Georgia is for all practical purposes a one-party state and has been for my entire life. That party just switched jerseys in the 90s...

    • Oh, I always just drank the Everclear and figgered my hands would do what they want.
      Times have changed.
      As for Kemp, from what I see he looked pretty mediocre until a week ago, based on Facebook & Twitter. Look at comments. And what's that big car prayer thing at the hospital?...

    • As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution 

      For weeks, Gov. Brian Kemp stood firm. Repeatedly, he said the coronavirus pandemic in Georgia didn’t warrant the extreme social-distancing measures that most other states were imposing.

      Kemp publicly supported a...

    • I had a dentist for a minute who grew up in Haiti, and said he had frequently seen people going about as Baron Samedi.



      by jollyroger 9 hours 48 min ago in We are all Puerto Ricans now
    • Georgia's still asleep at the wheel, and these people think it'll be over in 2 weeks?

      See above reply to rmrd. 

      Also, this:

    • I'm pretty sure (or at least I hope) what Gov. Kemp is doing tomorrow is to satisfy some legal requirement because he (or his staff) have been active on Facebook, keeping his followers up-to-date on his responses to the progression of the disease after the first cases appeared here at the end of...

    • Is Trump the rat or the flea?  Inquiring minds...

      by jollyroger 10 hours 49 min ago in The Trump Death
    • The Boston Globe agrees.

      by moat 10 hours 58 min ago in The Trump Death


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