• Thanks, Missy.   As I said to Oxy.  This one was me imagining an adult speaking to their child, telling them a hard truth, but then letting them go back to being a child.   I think children have an amazing capacity to absorb hard truths and then switch right back to playing.

    • Thanks, Oxy!   That one was me imagining an adult telling a child the kind of existential warning, that we really rarely, if ever, get from our parents.  Enjoy your childhood, it will be over soon enough ... as will everything ...  I guess, in a way, this fits right in with DD's free-range...

    • Sorry LULU i misinterpreted your recommendation as backup for the solar system not the grid. The gas generator is certainly the best choice  for that job  but the fact he is on a system that has regular outages is  bad news and relates to my concerns about grid and generation maintenance costs....

      by Peter (not verified) 5 hours 24 min ago in Dr. Quinn's Koestler-like Energy Future Shock
    • Yeah, this kind of family 'situation' changes us forever and ever.


      by Richard Day 6 hours 2 min ago in FREE RANGING CHILDREN
    • Well, thanks for bringing it here and yelling at all of us to come see it!

      by barefooted 6 hours 55 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • You came to see my flower!  Did you go and see the other ones I posted the other day? We find our pleasures where we can. 

    • I learn to drive at 13 because of my dead drunk Father. They would load him into the car and I would take him home. I think I have been a grown up all my life. 

      by trkingmomoe 7 hours 13 min ago in FREE RANGING CHILDREN
    • This is really living art.


      by Richard Day 7 hours 13 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • Holy Christ!

      There were hidden dangers and that is for sure.

      Later on I discovered that this gym teacher in the eighth grade who hated me was eventually discharged for sexual issues with his students.

      And of course my Dad would drive dead drunk with his entire family in...

      by Richard Day 8 hours 9 min ago in FREE RANGING CHILDREN
    • Thanks I hope the blooms last a couple of weeks.  I just thought everyone would like to see the orchids.  It is something different. 

      by trkingmomoe 8 hours 16 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • Some of the neighbors have already been in to see it. Of coarse we yell at them to come see the orchid. It could be another 15 years until we see it again. 

      by trkingmomoe 8 hours 35 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • It was just one of the pots in the bunch.  It looked healthy so it was never discarded, just moved to a bigger pot. It is a pleasant surprise. I am sure it is a more reliable bloomer in controlled conditions in a green house. The poor plant just sits out there in wild with the rest of the...

      by trkingmomoe 8 hours 39 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • Absolutely. "Stop -- listen to me" evokes an immediate sense of desperate urgency.

    • Great post, Mr. Day. I'm just relieved that I don't have to be making these kinds of decisions.

      People are wrong to believe bad stuff was not around when we grew up. My sister had several bad encounters, including a psychopath who slit the back of hew coat with a razor while we sat...

      by Oxy Mora 8 hours 44 min ago in FREE RANGING CHILDREN
    • Lovely photo, momoe. I agree with the others---what incredible patience.

      by Oxy Mora 8 hours 48 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"
    • No, I wasn't joking. Oxy said earlier that he would have to look into battery backup because the area had frequent power outages. Remember that an operating grid is part of the system that he is contemplating. If the grid goes down he needs backup. I then recommended a generator for a backup. I...

    • I read the link. The economy does play a big roll in all of this also social status. Thanks  

    • Thanks, Smith. Great work.

      My favorite:


      "Stop--listen to me

      nothing will last..."



    • Lulu, thanks so much for your comments. And I love the camper boat design.

      I hadn't been able to get excited about a  new project this year and had been trending toward a trailerable building but didn't like my designs. But doing a combination, and making the energy plant the functional...

    • What lovely, precious blooms, momoe ... I'm so jealous. Orchids are notorious for being slow to produce (thank goodness the payoff is so worthwhile), but 15 years? I'll bet now that it's finally come out to play you'll get to enjoy it more often. What a special day!

      by barefooted 9 hours 35 min ago in Cattleya Orchid "Springtime"


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