• Today most parents don't spank.  They have more effective ways of punishing a child.  You just take the electronics from them, like cell phones, games systems and computer.  It works well for me.  

      I really don't have to punish the kids very often.  I also try not to embarrass them in...

    • How'a cana ye talk of Scutlaan wit nary a word on Robert the Bruce and Scottisch pride of the Battle of Bannockburn? In what part of London is Boston found laddie?

      On a serious note, aside from having lived under their own GWB, Tony Blair, some time ago, how does 5 million Scots forming...

      by NCD 5 hours 24 min ago in Who Lost Scotland?
    • I just had to look up the word grokked the other day.  It is used often in the science community.  Now I know were it came from.  

      by trkingmomoe 6 hours 32 min ago in Stranger in a Dagland
    • Well, I expect if Yes wins that Cameron (or his successor) will carry through with the threat of denying Scotland the British pound, which could be a good turn in disguise. It would save the Scots from making that mistake.

      On the other hand, they'd be in real danger accepting the euro,...

      by Doctor Cleveland 6 hours 54 min ago in Who Lost Scotland?
    • I'm hoping for a yes, though mostly because I think it's good for the elites to have to face the break up of some of the institutions they take for granted every now and then.  For Scotland;s sake, though, I hope that they do not make the mistake of striking out on their own politically while...

      by Michael Maiello 7 hours 16 min ago in Who Lost Scotland?
    • I have been reading comments from Scotts on science blogs I hang out in, and you are right,  They are tired of the conservative wealthy and all the austerity.  One of the comments I read said that no one is going to know who the elected leader of Scotland is just like no one knows who the...

      by trkingmomoe 7 hours 51 min ago in Who Lost Scotland?
    • So you support stoning if spanking doesn't work?

      The Proverbs passage you note probably represents the parenting style of King Solomon. If Solomon is the example of the disciplinarian parent, his son is a bad example of the results. Rehoboam became a punishing and much hated King who had...

    • I would hope spanking would impress upon the youths mind the seriousness of the matter and what could result if they didn't  change and control their behavior.

      I liken the family unit to belonging to a nomadic tribe, whose members are expected to be responsible for themselves.  Unwanted...

    • You've left off the bit about stoning.

    • As you have admitted  It' not definitive. 

      I prefer to listen to the Wisdom of the Creator of mankind, the designer of procreation and the family structure, for counsel.

      When HIS wise counsel is properly applied, all of societies members reaps the benefits...

    • As I say, blame those who have have no respect for authority, for most of mans woes.

    • I think you've wandered into the wrong blog. Why not click on the edit button and delete?

      by Flavius 13 hours 27 min ago in Obama was right(once again)
    • I don't know enough ( about the area or about war) to sensibly reply. I just know that our priority should be defeating ISIS before it executes more Americans. However odious  Assad might be, right now he's like Stalin in WW2 ,he's fighting ISIS and we want him to keep doing that.


      by Flavius 13 hours 30 min ago in Obama was right(once again)
    • As I wrote above ,in principle I think it would be  wrong (or "stupid") to aid Assat's enemy. But the devil would be in the details. A training program designed to pay off in 2016 could make sense. Not one to threaten Assad next year when we(I) want him to concentrate on dealing with...

      by Flavius 13 hours 58 min ago in Obama was right(once again)
    • What should a parent do,

      Well the Bible instructions you've posted say you should:

      • use the rod of discipline
      • strike
      • strike with a rod
      • flog
      • beat the backs of fools

      but I don't see any instruction to spank.


    • how did he end up being the fall guy in front of Congress for the White House, the N.S.A. and the F.B.I.? Strange.

      by artappraiser 15 hours 50 min ago in No jury would convict.
    • To me, it's just so clear you and your Consortium News type pals are just falling for Russian propaganda because you have a desire to mistrust U.S. policy. Which is fine in most circumstances, but here Russian propaganda has made use of that tendency. To blame everything on "the west" or the U.S...

    • Like I said, blame the Yahwists.  Above find the people's exhibit one.

    • Hagel "We could and should maybe revisit..."  Short of an apology, less than coherent,

      by jollyroger 17 hours 37 min ago in No jury would convict.
    • Thank you for sharing that. I'd argue that if you were trying to understand the situation and could only read one article, that's the one. (Plus mho, the Vatniki meme is nearly a work of genius, the image conjured is so strong. Better than a lot of characters in Theatre of the Absurd...


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