• When 20% of black voters in Ohio voted for GW Bush, there were no acceptable excuses. The direct question was why these voters acted against there own self interest. Soon after Republicans got those votes, they quit their outreach to the black community. The black community corrected an error...

      by rmrd0000 6 min 40 sec ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • I think white voters see things differently than other ethnic groups. A majority of white saw their issues being neglected. A majority of black voters saw a Republican Congress that blocked progress. Republicans blocked infrastructure bills.


      by rmrd0000 23 min 55 sec ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • Spot on, as I implied strongly in the blog, because Dems didn't champion and aren't championing the working-class, all the progressive gains, e.g., civil rights, women's rights, environmental justice, since the 1930s, will continue to be eroded.

      by HSG 1 hour 42 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • Reactionaries blame everything on "Libtards". Trump and company cannot accept that they made a mistake. They then use their media outlets to create a false story. Trump supporters will believe the fake news. The intended audience for the fake news is his base of supporters. MSM is blind to the...

    • Well, "Neo" up through The Matrix made things cool, but since "neoliberal" not so much. "post-" still works and saves a few syllables, so "poststoic", despite (or because of) the feeling that it's all over 'cept the crying.

      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 21 min ago in Barack Obama, American Stoic
    • I'll raise you a Gnostic and toss in a couple Luddites. May trade you a Jacobin as well, but want to see how he performs coming out of Sarasota.

      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 27 min ago in Barack Obama, American Stoic
    • And when do these vanguard working class hero "progressives back to their roots" change? Or is it just a 1-way street? The 50's sucked if you weren't in the US. The 70's sucked for everyone. Not sure when our idyllic moment of past respite should be - polishing my retro crystal ball...


      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 46 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • Shorter Hal - "your chart sux, now here's my agenda again". No time to lose...

    • They should have learned that polls and vapid proclamations are unreliable vs actual votes, but frayed knot.

      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 54 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • You are over thinking.  I am talking about labor pushing the Democrats back to their roots as a progressive party and a way from being corporate tools. 

      Historically this country has gone through a political realignment about every 40 years because of a new generation and technology.. We...

      by trkingmomoe 9 hours 59 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • One of the (many) reasons it was open season on Obama for eight years is that the Left cannot articulate a defense in terms of the man's character.

      This one should be so easy... Obama governed for eight years without serious scandal. The problem is, in the...

      by Michael Maiello 10 hours 25 min ago in Barack Obama, American Stoic
    • Yeah it is Danny.

      But the good news is that the polls keep going down for Trump.

      At least to me that is good news.

      His base shall never give up, but his base is in entropy.


      You see, the good news is that some sort of reality still exists.

    • Oh Missy, I am lostI mean I have children and pixies and a full fridge and....

      But I am having probs envisioning the strangest election I have ever witnessed.

      Sometimes I wish for the old trolls.

      At least I could be spurred to action.

      What is a mother to do?...

      by Richard Day 12 hours 10 min ago in Don't Ya Think?
    • I agree. She gave some context to her quote. She talked about the preciousness of every person and the need to separate the actions of the person from the person. I don't have that kind of resolve, but she seemed sincere about not hating people.


      If you get a chance listen to...

      by Danny Cardwell 12 hours 20 min ago in Diane Nash: Still Fighting
    • I'm coming back to this to suggest to anyone interested in listening to a good talk on the subject of 'empathy' and what it means to different people as well as 'evil' and whether there is even such a thing. I personally do not believe it is a...

      by A Guy Called LULU 12 hours 27 min ago in WTF
    • Yeah, I still think you're bad at math, she got 48% of the vote Hal, when he received 46% of the vote, so that isn't this epic loss. You certainly do not believe that my vote in Seattle, which is currently worth .68 to all those others in the middle of the country who all get 1 vote. Certainly,...

      by tmccarthy0 13 hours 13 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • I would add to this sentence:

      "But Stoic self-control has so far out of fashion that we have trouble understanding it, trouble even calling it by its proper name."

      that the alt-right and other reactionary movements have tried to make their own version of Stoicism fashionable;...

      by Lori Newcomb (not verified) 15 hours 47 min ago in Barack Obama, American Stoic
    • She sounds like an amazing person.  I will read more about her.  The title of this piece is confusing to me, because it is people who make policy; it is people who are prejudiced and who spread prejudice generationally and otherwise.  Systems are...

      by CVille Dem 16 hours 49 min ago in Diane Nash: Still Fighting
    • So, are you starting a new political party?  Or are you going with Green, Independent, or another one?  You clearly are not a Democratic Party supporter.  I just hope that the rules are changed so that only a Democrat can run for office as a Democrat.  Pretty obvious,...

      by CVille Dem 16 hours 57 min ago in Selfish Loser Dems
    • I am very happy for Manning but the commutation of his sentence shouldn't close the book on related war crimes.


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