• Thanks, DD.

      Another blurp ..


      Eggs over easy,
      Time after time,
      Water under bridges,
      Pearls before swine,

      Age before beauty,
      in sickness and health
      life is a blessing
      without or with wealth



    • Eggs over easy

      Life is never so easy

      But I love my eggs

      Baby powder and....

      Talc is now so so toxic

      TV tells me so

      Babies are so new

      And yet I am so so old

      Talc is a good smell


      Wonderful riff Mr. Smith

    • Another insult. Let's stop pretending. Insults are all you bring to dagblog.

    • You're probably safer to remain a low-information voter with no regrets, but you did ask.

      by Peter (not verified) 1 hour 57 min ago in "The married women of Bucks County"
    • Mitt Romney's son didn't want to 'take a swing' at Obama either, right? That's why he apologized.  

      And Donald also...

      by NCD 2 hours 22 min ago in Watch Donald Crack
    • On to the election.

      Keep the faith.We'll win.


      by Flavius 2 hours 25 min ago in A Home run
    • Yeah Mike you have enough links.

      I have been watching or reading six sides of all this and Yes, T-Rump would like to smack Bloomberg.



      by Richard Day 3 hours 13 min ago in Watch Donald Crack
    • When Trump said that he wanted to hit DNC speakers I doubt that he meant punches. For all his bravado, Trump is not a physical guy; he just has a compulsive need to retaliate in kind ...

      by Michael Wolraich 3 hours 37 min ago in Watch Donald Crack
    • Doc, I tend to agree that this guy will come unglued at some point in the debates and it will be a destructive and sorry event for our country even though he deserves to crash.

      But then again, are we underestimating Trump in the way that many of us have believed that his personality...

      by Oxy Mora 3 hours 42 min ago in Watch Donald Crack
    • Excellent points, as always.  My "empathy" for Trump begins and ends with hoping that he gets diagnosed, and put into an appropriate treatment facility for him, and that we never see him again.  I agree with you that his pathology is increasing, and that he may well decompensate before the...

      by CVille Dem 3 hours 57 min ago in Watch Donald Crack
    • Hey, Mr. Day. We've got to pull together.

      Well, shit, around here I'm a low information voter. Don't like to be so uninformed.

      Can't even say whether we should try to clean up the mess in Syria or just get the hell out. Is free tuition feasible?---seems to me if you put it in the...

    • Well done Oxy, as usual.

      I love Bernie.

      I mean, he got so goddamn mad at some time in his career that he said:


      He is and was never a mad man.

      But Hillary.

      I mean Hillary experienced so much more as far as her...

    • Peter,thanks but I'm not going there. Already contributing to Hillary.

    • Thanks, NCD. My internet service is from the top of a rural water tower, no TV, so I was switching around on my laptop and also have Sirius on my cell phone.

      Right, constant remarks on Sanders supporters, about their behavior, not so much on their policy differences. Of course,...

    • We watched mostly the web broadcast because there were no pundits. Thought the entire convention was great.

      We switched to PBS for Hillary and caught a little punditry occasionally as they never stop propagandizing. Gwen Ifill blurted out, as Hillary walked up, 'somebody said Sanders...

      by NCD 6 hours 5 min ago in "The married women of Bucks County"
    • Good assessment Flavius.

      Even the pricks on MSNBC with the ESPN FORMAT rate the Democratic Convention way over the Republican Convention.

      I am biased.

      I like Hillary.

      Madam Secretary (Madam Senator) did a fine job.

      by Richard Day 6 hours 6 min ago in A Home run
    • Help. I feel like the time I walked into a nude TGIF cocktail party at Elysian Fields in Tujunga Canyon L.A,. nude, but the party had already started and the idea for the weekend was to get nude the next day---I think I missed a lot of preamble here also.

      What I was going for was---based...

    • Blacks were 80/20 against invading Iraq 2/2003. Whites nearly opposite. 

      It was rarely covered why.

      Back then I used to watch TV news in 2/2003 (the invasion or what some called the massacre started late in 3/2003) TV news had a very short interview with an African-American on...

      by NCD 6 hours 21 min ago in "The married women of Bucks County"
    • Please submit a link to or a list of the Clintonite banned profane literature. Because I don't believe any such list exists explicitly or implicitly and that this is just your passive aggressive way to insult us by implying we a narrow minded in our reading.

    • Oxy. if you are really looking for analysis of what HRC's speech and the whole DNC debacle is about you might read Jeff St Clair's four gonzo takedowns of the Clintonites at Counterpunch and i don't recall anything about her personal quirks just a deadly humorous  analysis if what these people...

      by Peter (not verified) 8 hours 32 min ago in "The married women of Bucks County"


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