• This is really a case for smaller banks.

      Absolutely.  While I find it ridiculous that LIBOR is set the way it is, as a rig-able assortment of bank expectations, I also think that such a system would be less rig-able if it depended on the views of thousands of...

      by Michael Maiello 1 min 5 sec ago in Re-Free Martha Stewart
    • Public Integrity .org, 935 pre-war lies of Bush Admin, notice the peaks right before the 2002 midterms, and the huge jump in early 2003 as the invasion started (in March 03):


    • I love that song!!   I remember when it came out. 

      It must have imprinted on my brain.  hahahaha

    • This is going to be part of the Democratic party frame work called Fair Taxing.  You can't talk about poverty and wage inequality with out pointing out the free ride on the top.  They are both part of the same problem. Your point is one that we are going to hear a lot of in this campaign. 

      by trkingmomoe 23 min 57 sec ago in Free Trade
    • They may go to the graves thinking they got away with this but they won't in history. Historians will write about their deceit and what it cost all of us.  

      I am not even worried about JEB Bush getting much traction in this primary season.  His brother's legacy is still with us everyday...

    • Now that you are gone
      All I do is stare at the
      flowered wallpaper.

    • The fines that they paid was very small considering what they made rigging the rates every night. They underpin $350 trillion dollars worth of money in the world with borrowing rates.  You can make millions of dollars everyday by fixing the rates in your favor. This price fixing started back in...

      by trkingmomoe 1 hour 33 min ago in Re-Free Martha Stewart
    • Yes, we agree on your Sancerre Pinot

      by rmrd0000 2 hours 39 min ago in False Consciousness isn't False
    • Jiggling joggers. Very good, Mr. Smith.

      Pony-tail tsunami---love it, great image.

    • Thanks Ramona.  Good piece.  I wrote a similar article at my site but focused more on the media's failure to hold politicians accountable for claiming that Bush's war was largely due to intelligence failures.  ...

    • Oxy Mora - a "free trade" deal coupled with higher minimum wages might lead to higher unemployment since the mandated higher wages here would make production in low-wage countries that much more attractive.  It is true that some service industries like fast food can't be off-shored but retail...

    • And this post explains why I like Code Pink



    • Hal, one of the definitions of true intelligence is to be able to hold two seemingly countervailing views in mind at the same time. For example, I might think both things at once--- overall the trade deal is good, along with it won't necessarily create jobs or raise wages.

      As we...

      by Oxy Mora 5 hours 3 min ago in False Consciousness isn't False
    • Good one, Ramona.

      I had to bite my lip this week as a business associate whose son is graduating from SMU in Dallas reported on the great speech Dub gave at his commencement. Dub repeated his usual bad joke, " for those of you who weren't the best students in the class, be reassured that...

    • Well done, Michael.

      by Oxy Mora 5 hours 28 min ago in Re-Free Martha Stewart
    • Always playing the victim card?

      The bikers went after other gang members.

      The Black rioters go after the money, as long as it is someone elses money; (like innocent store clerks or taxpayers) . 

      Freddie Gray was just the excuse needed by those who would steal from others...

      by Resistance (not verified) 7 hours 43 min ago in WACO Bikers, Not Guilty by Stand Your Ground?
    • Wattree, here is a story about rebuilding in Watts 50 years later. What is your take on the story?


    • Great DB piece!

      by Michael Wolraich 9 hours 59 min ago in Re-Free Martha Stewart
    • Even now, Conservatives are arguing to abolish disparate impact rules from housing discrimination cases. If housing practices have the effect of creating disparities, that would no longer be illegal if Conservatives in Texas win their case before the Supreme Court.


    • Hopefully just a rumor.

      All Texas needs is the Republican legislature/governor's plan (see above)  for legal open carry for handguns in Texas (which to my knowledge never requires a license permit from a state).

      I know the cops do not like open carry because concealed carry...


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