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Breaking: McCain Brainstorming Notes Leaked

John McCain's campaign may be facing an uphill battle, but he and his staff still have plenty of ideas according to notes from a campaign brainstorming session. The notes were leaked to major media outlets from a source close to John McCain who asked not to be identified for unidentified reasons:

Date: 10/13/08
Subject: How to win this thing - brainstorming
Participants: Me, Rick, Charlie, Steve (not Sarah)
  1. Scare ad linking Obama to Rev Wright Bill Ayers Willie Horton Darth Vader - end with nuclear explosion
  2. Embrace populist themes - fundamentals of economy are mad as hell and gonna kick the shit out of non-fundamentals
  3. Dump Sarah, get Lieberman Romney Cheney Biden Booker anyone
  4. Link Obama to G.W., maybe use the Obama-Cheney cousin thing
  5. Radical economic plan - eliminate the penny, reform earmarks
  6. Renounce Republican party, run as Independent Green Democrat
  7. New haircut - like Sarah's
  8. Visit Columbia again
  9. Challenge Obama to visit Columbia
  10. Challenge Obama to 5 10 100 1,000,000 town hall meetings (in Columbia)
  11. Revisit Obama plagiarism charges
  12. Work on timing for bear DNA paternity joke (LOL)
  13. Invade Spain
  14. Fly over Spanish airspace, get shot down and tortured
  15. Fire incompetent campaign staff, rehire previous incompetent campaign staff (shhhh, private)
  16. Bigger flag pin
This brainstorming session was approved by John McCain


Some have wonder which major media outlets received the leaked notes. Um, all of them, any of them. I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news.

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