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    Too Big to Ballad

    Paul Solman interviewed former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson on the PBS News Hour this evening. I often read Johnson and James Kwak at their blog, Baseline Scenario. Towards the end Solman and his cohost urged viewers to watch this video, The Ballad of Diamond Jim on Youtube.

    The video is annotated by Solman and Johnson below. 

    Now I'm killing time until Radioactive Wolves, an episode of Nature devoted to animal life around Chernobyl. On Ask the Governor, Martin O'Malley just stumbled explaining the proposed gas tax as the "Gas on Taxoline."


    Oh-oh. Send Martin O'Malley some of this?

    Then there'll be no gas on taxoline.


    I've always wondered, When you take Beano where does it all go?

    Completely unrelated, but this is funny as hell.

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