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French Police Round Up Islamic Terrorist Suspects

By Dashiel Bennett, The Atlantic Wire, March 30, 2012

Police in France arrested 19 suspected Islamic militants on Friday morning, including some who may be tangentially connected to the man who shot seven people in Toulouse this month. While none of the suspects have been directly connected to the recent attacks, some were members of a banned Salafist group that Mohamed Merah may have been linked to. The raids took place in the early morning hours in the cities of Toulouse, Nantes, Le Mans, and in the Paris, where police say they also seized automatic weapons. No formal charges have been filed yet, but President Nicolas Sarkozy says there could be more raids and the suspects will likely be expelled from France.

The crackdown appears to be due, at least in part, to criticisms that the government did not do enough to stop Merah [....]

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You are to be praised for avoiding the cheap shot "usual islamic terrorist suspects". (or, for that matter, it would have been just as bad if not worse to say "unusual islamic terrorist suspects..."

The crackdown may also stem from Merah being a French spy who went off the reservation, so they have to pick up his leads quick.

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