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So, Where Does Keith Olbermann Go Now?

By John Hudson, The Atlantic Wire, March 30, 2012

Perpetual bridge-burner Keith Olbermann set ablaze another viaduct Friday with his acrimonious departure from Al Gore's Current TV network. After his bad breakups at MSNBC and ESPN, who will take the liberal firebrand now? Sure, he's a difficult person to work with but his cocksure belligerence is perfect for television and Olbermann's got too much fight in him to just fade away. Here's our landscape of career options for him [....]

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Olbermann is just too bombastic for my taste.

My bet is that he will follow Glenn Beck's lead and start his own channel.  Expect to see more and more of those "cocksure belligeren[ts]" doing the same.


Glenn Beck TV Has Arrived - Glenn's live show daily on GBTV.

Olbermann is filing a lawsuit this week and

Current appears to be prepared for a public battle. The network has reportedly hired a crisis P. R. firm, Fabiani & Lehane, and leaks about the network’s characterization of Olbermann’s conduct have begun appearing in the press. The Hollywood Reporter had this account:

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