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What Kind of David Brooks Hater Are You?

By Alexander Abad-Santos, The Atlantic Wire, Feb. 17, 2012

After reading David Brooks' "The Jeremy Lin Problem" this morning, it seemed as though our Twitter feed instantly sparkled with little nuggets of dissent —so many in fact that we put together this guide to David Brooks haters. As a New York Times Op-Ed columnist, Brooks did his job: find a newsworthy topic, wax poetic, and connect it to a larger general picture. The problem, as the Twitterverse will point out, is that Brooks wrote about Lin being an anomaly for being a religious athlete (which if you've ever seen athletes dunk, score and rain down three-pointers you'll know that Jesus is totally a sports fan) and then wrote ... you know what, we'll let his haters explain  [....]

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I didn't read the original David Brooks column (ostensibly about Jeremy Lin). And I see no need to now.

But I thank Brooks for writing it, since otherwise we wouldn't have Spencer Hall's wonderful rebuttal. It's filled with inspired writing, but my favorite line is: This cardigan cost $400 and you washed it on hot.

I don't hate Brooks. In a way, I envy his blissful, well-paid mediocrity. 

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